Rise of Trolling: the anti-social behaviour of the Internet under the approaching Uranus Neptune conjunction Dec 1992.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first use of phrase, “let’s go trolling” was on 14 Dec 1992 on a Usenet forum.

It all began in a global electronic network, the web had not yet been invented. Asci text was the norm, and the posts were made in mailing groups, chat rooms, listservs.

On this date we had an approaching Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn.

The aim of this talk is to add some light to this planetary combination, with the hindsight of nearly 30 years of experiencing how the aspect has manifested itself in our global technological society and given rise to the anti-social behaviour of trolling.

Uranus / Neptune conjunction recap

  • Uranus conjunct Neptune is a rare alignment that occurs every 168 years
  • Aligned 2 Feb 1993 at 19deg Capricorn.
  • Last conjunction in 1821-23.
  • People born from 1990 to 1996 will have this major planetary aspect in their chart within a 5° orb of influence.

Theme of conjunction is “Raising of Consciousness”.

  • Gives unique creative talents.
  • Unorthodox approach to spirituality and morals.
  • Natural freedom of expression that is inspiring to other generations.
  • Approach life unbound by the restrictions of tradition, religion and societal standards.
  • Imagination runs wild compared to most people.
  • Eccentric, scandalous, provocative or rebellious.
  • A rebel but with a cause.
  • Trend setter and a great ability to entertain, excite and even mesmerize other people.
  • Psychic ability and the ability to tap into the mass consciousness.
  • A strong degree of identification with the collective minds and group consciousness may revert back to fervent nationalist affinities.

Reinhold Ebertin’s interpretation: “Elimination of the waking consciousness”.

  • Growth of sub­-conscious powers.
  • Inner vision.
  • Inner illumination and enlightenment.
  • Inspiration, idealism, interest in spiritual subjects.
  • Religious problems, mysticism, art.
  • Lacking control of the waking consciousness leads to want of clearness.
  • Instability, lack of emotional balance, wrong ideas, one-sidedness.
  • Extraordinary and unusual inclinations. Ebertin states “this conjunction does not occur in the present generation”. (Written in 1940’s).

These Uranus/Neptune themes of modern astrologers and Reinhold Ebertin who wrote in 1940’s, suggest that this planetary energy can give rise to varying levels of consciousness amongst individuals in society. Depending on the birth chart, some individuals will show the negative side of this combination, some more positive and some with a combination of both. 

Trolling definition

Trolling – (verb), as it relates to internet, is the deliberate act, (by a Troll), of making random unsolicited and/or controversial comments on various internet forums with the intent to provoke an emotional knee jerk reaction from unsuspecting readers to engage in a fight or argument.cartoon

Description of Troll

Someone who goes online to pick a fight, for whatever reason: to push a political agenda, to dump on someone they dislike, to vent on a topic they feel strongly about, or just for the laughs.

Today a professional troll states:

The very nature of a troll wants to argue to convince people even if you have to lie and fabricate things. Today trolls do want to push an agenda, propagandize.

Also today some trolls use their skills in a more positive manner in marketing, tapping into mass consciousness, so they can create a buzz around certain brands for clients.

Reaction at the time

A reaction by an academic to his first experience of trolling:

To a minor posting of mine to a unmoderated group there suddenly appeared an astonishing string of coprolalic abuse, that I was convinced some disturbed or malicious person had gained illicit access to someone else’s computer account.

I posted a stately response on how steps must be taken to prevent such abuses, only to receive a torrent of echo-coprolalia from all directions under the guise of defending free speech.

For several weeks the Net looked like a global graffiti board with my name in the centre.

The Net was in reality a haven for student pranksters and borderline personalities, motherboard-bred, for whom the completely unconstrained nature of the unmoderated groups represents an irresistible medium for acting out.

Trolling Commencement Chart

Interpretation of Aspects of Trolling Chart

Condition of planets:

Mars in Cancer in fall, Pluto in Scorpio in rulership, Saturn in Aquarius in rulership, Mercury in Sagittarius in detriment. 

Sun Conjunct Moon’s North Node in Sagittarius karmic, was  bound to happen in the global technological environment. Deciding to go on a journey through the net “let’s go trolling”.

South Node in Gemini ruled by Mercury in detriment, intent to make mischief.

Jupiter ruler of Sun and north node in Libra (relating to others). Jupiter is applying in trine to Venus in Aquarius – strong urge to exercise freedom or free speech as Venus also sextiles Mercury in Sagittarius which is in detriment.

Venus conjunct Saturn, applying Saturn in rulership in Aquarius – strong theme of freedom to express, judgementalism. Modern ruler of  Aquarius is Uranus which is of course is conjunct Neptune. This brings us back to our Uranus/Neptune conjunction. What level of consciousness do we use for our task. The high or low? It would seem that in this case the lower level. (Remember many use the internet at a higher level). Our level of consciousness depends on our natal birth chart.

The interaction of these planetary rulerships in this chart show an overwhelming urge to take advantage of the freedom of the net to interact with others to exercise judgementalism with malice in anonymity.

Mars R in Cancer in detriment is in applying trine to Pluto which is in exaltation, hidden (Pluto) and deep seated feelings coming to the fore. Action taken is to annoy others to relieve these deep seated frustrations. Mars also makes a separating trine to Mercury in Sag. Expression of Anger.

Jupiter in Libra applying trine to Saturn in Aquarius right to pass judgement on others especially on this technological platform, where libel laws don’t exist!

Jupiter in applying square to Uranus  “Thank the Lord aspect” (Ebertin). They will get away with it, and have done so over the last 27 years.  No restrictions (laws) to hold them back.

Jupiter in applying square to Neptune  speculation, conflict between ideal and reality.

Saturn in applying sextile to Moon’s North Node again repeat of theme of karmic expression of criticising others.

Uranus applying sextile to Pluto revolution, rebel against norms, exercising power over others, bringing up the dark side.

Pluto Sextile Neptune “Throwing in the towel” (Ebertin) giving up on all normal empathetic behaviour, social norms ignored in this technological environment where they are anonymous.

Commencement of Trolling Chart in 90º Dial




Midpoint interpretations for trolling chart 1992

Neptune= Saturn/Node

Feeling neglected, lonely, misunderstood. Emotional suffering through falsehood and deception.

Neptune= Sun/Saturn

Inhibitions in mental development, a mental, emotional or physical crisis.

Neptune Mars/Jupiter

Feeling of inferiority, falsehood

Mercury= Uranus/Neptune

Peculiar imagination, remember Mercury is in detriment.

Saturn= Venus/Pluto

Immorality, remember Saturn in dignified in chart, so very strong, as well as Pluto.

Venus in Aquarius ruler Uranus conj Neptune. Repeats the trolling theme.

Saturn= Mercury/Mars

Desire to harm others, saying bad things, quarrelling.


Active power of creation – trolling. Remember Mars is R and trine Pluto in Scorpio.

Second Dial with Pluto midpoints

Pluto=Mars/NN (Chiron in Leo also in the mix)

Performance of joint record achievement, all the wounded join in to wound others globally.  (They like/share and spread the hurt.) Deep seated transformation in caring for others globally. Globally opens up wounds (Chiron).

Pluto= Mercury/Saturn

To grapple over unusual or special problems. Plans determine a person’s destiny.  Slow dull distrustful and dishonest people. Mercury/Saturn is mental work.  Again consider dignity of planets involved. Gives great power (Pluto) in expressing (Mercury) judgementalism (Saturn).


Fanaticism in work, unscrupulous procedures, violence.

Transit of Uranus/Pluto square to trolling chart

Between 2012 and 2015, Uranus in Aries squared Pluto in Capricorn.

May 20, 2013 at 11° the  transiting Uranus/Pluto square formed a T square and opposition to Jupiter in Libra in trolling chart.

A far seeing creative activity.
Thank the Lord aspect
Immense success
Make a million, loose a million aspect

March 16, 2015 transiting Pluto at 15° Capricorn and Uranus at 15° Aries (exact square) was approaching our Ur/Nept trolling conjunction, and formed a midpoint to Jupiter/Neptune of Trolling chart.

Plans unreasonable beyond measure, a great loss.

Sudden recognition of a difficult situation.

•This stellar activity gave rise to what we now call “weaponised data”.

Hence giving rise to troll farms/factories which were hugely successful in achieving their aims.

•Generation born under the Uranus/Neptune conjunction (Millennials) may have participated in this phenomenon.


•Tolling born under the Uranus/Neptune conjunction is with us to stay. Needs to be managed.

•Consciousness awareness is required.

•Millenials born under this conjunction may be particularly susceptible and/or may develop good strategies to overcome the downside of trolling.

•The Uranus/Pluto square transits, between 2012-2015, impacted the trolling chart, and created “weaponised data”, “trolling farms” which were all highly successful and profitable.

•Ebertin could not include this anti-social behaviour in his work, as it had not been created during his lifetime, perhaps we should add it.