July Ingress, Australia, 21st June 2020. How are we going?


Last March, I did the Aries Ingress chart, concentrating on the impact of the Coronavirus. Let’s take a quick look at our Winter Ingress chart for July, to ascertain how we are going. I have used whole sign houses this time, as I think it gives an easier interpretation/overview of the house rulerships.

Some might notice the similarities with the Aries Ingress chart! Yes the MC and ASC are almost the same. Taking the planet ruling the 6th house (Virus), Jupiter, we now see that it is still in 7th house, however, it is now making a sextile to Mars, its conjoined planet at the Aries Ingress. That March Ingress conjunction gave us our strict lockdown, travel bans, and consequent job losses in a floundering economy.

This July Ingress sextile shows these restrictions easing, and here in Qld, we are heading towards the 3rd stage of “recovery” with most places opening and public gatherings up to 100. Note, as Mars is again the ruler of the MC (MC in Aries, the only fire sign in the chart) the Government is calling the shots, just like in March.

However, this ingress shows the Moon in Gemini, in 12th house, making an almost exact square to Mars in Pisces. The Moon indicates the people, their emotions, situation, and in a Mercury ruled sign, also their opinions. Hidden in the 12th house, there will be a call from the public to do more for those “suffering”. With Mars in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, the Government might be persuaded to assist those who are not on any safety net payment. Those working in the performing arts come to mind, as Mars rules the 5th house of entertainment. Issues regarding the longevity of the safety net payments, will also certainly come under scrutiny during this Ingress, as the 6mts will be coming to an end by the time of the 22/23 September, Spring Ingress which will tell us more.

The Ingress Mars will move into Aries on 29th June where it will stay for 6mts. This is an important placement. It conjoins the Aries Ingress Sun and squares the Sun of this ingress from the 10th house. The status of the PM (Sun) will come into the spotlight. What role will he play in global talks (WHO Review), how will the trade tensions with China progress? As Mars conjoined with Jupiter in 7th house last Ingress, will we see more progress or confusion on these fronts?

This Ingress the Sun is inconjunct (150 deg) Saturn R in Aquarius, placed in the 8th house. Our economy still needs considerable adjustment. As the inconjunct signifies change, release, letting go, many businesses will find themselves operating differently, in these early stages of “post-covid” times.

The Ingress Venus R in Gemini falls in the 12th house, and is applying by trine to Saturn R. This trine does not become exact, as Venus goes direct on 25th June, and Saturn continues its retrograde movement into Capricorn. Economic forecasts are guesstimates at best, nobody really knows what’s going on, even the Opposition (ruler of 4th house).  Venus makes no other aspects in the chart. Perhaps it’s best to wait until the Spring Ingress chart, when the budget comes down in October, to make some real sense of it.

9hrs after the Ingress, the Solar Eclipse occurs!! As the Sun represents our Prime Minister, expect the focus to remain on him during the next 6mts. As Scott Morrison’s noon natal chart, (no birth time) does not have any early cardinal planets, one can’t make an assessment on how the eclipse will affect him personally. However, he does have Chiron on 2 deg Aries? His Natal Ceres falls on 24 Libra, making a square to this Ingress Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn conjunction, so the way he uses his considerable powers to “look after/nurture” the nation can present a challenge.

The eclipse occurring so close to the July Ingress chart, does give this Ingress added strength and purpose. The only difference between the two events is the Moon conjoining the Sun, and of course the angles and house placements.

So let’s get back to a few more aspects in the July Ingress chart.


Of note is also that Mercury at 14 deg Cancer sits on the fixed star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky.. It is a dog star, and although it brings fame, honours, it does have a “bite” if things are overdone. As Mercury is retrograde, this is the star to watch. Mercury rules the 12th house of sorrow/hidden matters and the 3rd house of communications, all sorts, especially social media. Given Mercury is in mutual reception to the Moon, and the Moon squares Mars in Pisces, expect social media to break with all sorts of tweets/posts which will certainly have some “bite”. To censure or not to censure will become the narrative, as the old ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, is conjoined with Pluto, giving the social media giants plenty of power.

Overall, this Ingress sees us coming out of lockdown, with plenty of debate around how the Government handled the pandemic initially, how it will progress, and with a background theme of improving the plight of the “sufferers” (12th house).

Most importantly, especially coinciding with the Eclipse/Ingress Sun inconjunct Saturn, it will show us how we will or need to adjust to the increasingly obvious realisation of the emergence of a post pandemic world.


Australian Aries Ingress 2020 and the Coronavirus

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How did we get here?

The Coronavirus pandemic is the catalyst to bring about the huge shifts heralded by the recent Saturn/Pluto conjunction (12/13th Jan 2020).

Neptune (Virus) in Pisces has been trailing behind Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn by sextile (by sign/degree) for most of last year and also 2020.

This great shift is also the preparation for the onset of the new era of Saturn/Jupiter entering the Air element after 200 years in Earth.

For the here and now, we need to “manage” the global pandemic.

I am using mundane astrology, and the whole sign house Aries Ingress chart, to assist in the interpretation of managing this watershed event and also highlighting how Australia managed to “flatten the curve”.

Chart standouts

The Aries Ingress is a strong chart. All planets are in the upper hemisphere – a bundle formation, telling us that its “all happening out there”. Perhaps we should all go within, self-isolate, to the lower hemisphere to get away from it all!

The chart has a predominance of Cardinal signs, in the Earth element, and Angular placements, giving us the message, to take concrete action, regarding the energies coming in on us.

Ruler of 6th house (Epidemics, workers, health system) is Jupiter in Capricorn, in fall in 7th house. Jupiter conjoins with exalted Mars in Capricorn.

Domicile Venus in Taurus in 10th house, trines conjoined Mars/Jupiter in 7th.

These angular aspects tell a potent story..

7th house “Coronavirus stellium” in Capricorn, sign ruler Saturn in domicile, Saturn signifies epidemics.

Movement of Mars, Jupiter leading up to and beyond 20 March

Strategies to curb/contain spread are  implemented

•Virus has reached us – spread mainly through opened/activated portal of 7th house ruled by Saturn.  Arriving travellers from overseas.

•Mars conjoined with Jupiter accelerates the spread.. numbers increase with the approaching conjunction.

•Mars the ruler of MC, the government takes action, things happen quickly (Mars).

•National Cabinet created – akin to War Cabinet, around 13th March during formation of Ingress conjunction.

•Strict social distancing, social venues shut down, overseas travel bans, borders are closed.

Numbers rise in lead up, stay high from Ingress date, then begin to taper off when Mars enters Aquarius and conjoins with Saturn and Jupiter conjoins with Pluto around end of month

Venus in Taurus trine Jupiter/Mars

•Domicile Venus in 11th house representing Parliament and aspirations of Government, trine Jupiter/Mars. They wish to avoid a recession (Venus sq Moon in financial 8th) and look after the well-being of the people (Moon). “Lives and Livelihoods” becomes the mantra.

• Government announces stimulus (Venus money) packages, the job-keeper package (note Uranus in Taurus also in 11th). A very unusual move for a Conservative government. “We are all in this together” a very Uranian theme is another mantra.

Jupiter conjoins Pluto on 31st March

This aspect indicates “strong plans leadership”. “Make a Million loose a Million”. (Job-keeper package 130 billion will increase deficit).

This aspect along with the conjoined Mars/Saturn in Aquarius, coincided with the Government’s action (Mars) of closing International and Domestic borders, as well as strictly enforced stay at home/self-isolation, quarantine and case tracing procedures. In hindsight, these actions along with these transits to the Ingress chart “flattened the curve”.

All these actions shocked/agitated the Nation, but as Australia has a Sun/Saturn conjunction in the Federation chart 1 Jan 1901, and with the nation’s Moon at 20 Taurus in a trine to the Aries Ingress chart “Coronavirus Stellium”, we complied.

After all, the Ingress Moon in 8th house presented us with a “life/death” situation. We do face economic challenges, however, the stimulus packages seem to allay any great fears at the moment.

The Sun – the Leader

The exalted Aries Sun, the only fire sign in the chart, falls in the 10th house. It squares the Nodes falling in Cancer and Capricorn close to the Ascendant/Descendant of the chart.

Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, had a shaky start to the year with our catastrophic bushfire season. Many were calling for him to step up to better leadership.

As the virus manifested in Australia, the Ingress saw him almost pivot in his leadership style. He became consultative with State leaders, followed the science, and fairly open with the press. He also showed empathy.

I guess this is how you see the ruler of the 10th house Mars working at its best in exaltation.

In Australia the Federal Government has a legislated mandate to take full control over pandemics, under the Quarantine Act 1908, now the Bio-Security Act 2015. So the Prime Minister was able to act using these powers, in a way which is reflected by the “Coronavirus Stellium” in the 7th house.

Mercury in Pisces trine North Node, sextile South Node

Mercury in Pisces is in fall, however a Morning Star, as it rises before the Sun, giving it better condition in a day chart. It’s also sextile Venus and Uranus by sign, and in positive aspect to the Nodes.

Mercury’s ruler is Jupiter and tied into the “Coronavirus Stellium”, so we see very early in the lead up to the Ingress, how travel bans from overseas are introduced, impacting negatively on our highly profitable tertiary foreign students programs (Mercury in fall).

However, during the progress of the Virus, the most controversial issue becomes the debate around “school closures”. Not surprising really given Mercury rules the 12th and 3rd house in the chart. Should children undertake online home learning, or should they attend school? Parents become involved, many withdrawing children on a voluntary basis (Cancer/Capricorn Nodes).

Interestingly, Education delivery is not a function of the Federal Government, being under State jurisdictions. The message from the Government becomes “confused” (Mercury in Pisces in fall). States and Territories differ in their approach, creating up to now, the only sign of disunity to the “National Cabinet” albeit behind closed doors (12th H), but somehow manage to convey a more unified message via their Press Conferences (3 H).Nevertheless, the public is still complaining about “mixed messaging”.

The Future?

The Aries Ingress chart can be used as a predictive tool for the whole year, however, in difficult times it is valid to also use the Cancer Ingress, Libra Ingress and Capricorn Ingress charts.

The most important pattern to watch is of course the “Coronavirus Stellium”. How do the stellium planets move by transit, quickly or slowly? Do they retrograde, change signs, etc?

Until the next Ingress, 21 June, Saturn goes Retrograde in Aquarius on 11 May, Jupiter goes Retrograde on 14th May. The Government is talking about very slow, cautious steps (Saturn) to lift some restrictions.

The Aries Ingress Venus has now moved into Gemini, of great significance as it will remain in Gemini for almost 6 mts. It falls in the 12th H, and 3rd H of the Ingress chart. Will the Contact Tracing App be successful?

Up till now, the events surrounding the Coronavirus, have been described as fast moving and unpredictable. This Aries Ingress with Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac, the Pioneer, has moved us all into “unchartered territory”. We shall all have to step cautiously, taking calculated risks, according to the Ingress message of the “Coronavirus Stellium”.

Stay safe, stay protected.