About Me


Welcome to Astroscribe.

My name is Veronica Chlap and I am an Australian professional astrologer with a Diploma from the Regulus Ebertin School of Astrology, Canberra, 1997. My teacher was Doris Greaves,(dec),  a well known Australian Astrologer. I have been doing astrology charts and readings for clients for a number of years now. I am currently, 2023, the President of the  Queensland Federation of Astrologers.

I also speak at Astrology Conferences, most recently at the Federation of Australian Astrologers 2020 Conference in Melbourne.

I love to write about Astrology which relates to the here and now. I interpret current transits, political and major events which are taking place in Australia and also globally. I am also interested in family history.

You can follow me on Twitter @age_new.

As a professional astrologer, I also  offer a wide range of readings. Some readings offered are computer reports, but others are personalised readings which I put together and email to you.

Lately, I am also offering readings via Zoom. Please visit Chart Readings – now in Zoom for details.