Solar Eclipse 21 June 2020 and Australia.


How will the June Solar Eclipse 21 June 2020 impact Australia’s National Chart?

I have used whole sign houses for this exercise, and used the Sydney Inauguration chart of 1 Jan 1901, 1:35 pm Sydney.

First standout: Eclipse Mars in Pisces is square (challenge) our Natal Jupiter in Sagittarius from the 12th house of sorrows/secrets to the 9th house of Foreign Relations. Mars and Jupiter are also in mutual reception, by rulership/exaltation.

Outcome: Trade war with China will escalate and become a real challenge, highlighting the 6mt eclipse period.

Second standout: Our natal Mercury at 27 Sagittarius in 9th house conjoins the Ascendant and Part of Fortune of the Eclipse chart.

Outcome: Australia will lead in any foreign relation talks. (Covid 19 Inquiry?) (Note in our Natal chart Mercury is the ruler of the 6th house, which rules epidemics.)

Third standout: Eclipse Uranus in Taurus in 2nd house (money) is trine (positive) our Part of Fortune in 6th house (essential workers). There will be a push to improve conditions for these workers, and as our Natal Mars is also close by, a push to increase the job seeker/keeper payments will occur, albeit with some hassles (Mars).

General Comment on Eclipse chart.

Eclipse Mercury is on the fixed Star Sirius. This star brings honours, fame and is the brightest star in the sky. It is also called the Dog Star and can bite.

As Mercury is Retrograde at the Eclipse, it is not in its best shape, and will after a few days, oppose Australia’s Sun/Saturn in Capricorn.

Also given that this star is in the nature of Jupiter and Mars, Australia will need to act with heighten diplomacy/wisdom when dealing with foreign powers during any negotiations and trade wars.

Both the Eclipse Sun and Moon falling in our 4th house of land/resources, are midpoint Eclipse Jupiter R and Venus R. Given also the condition of Mercury R in our 4th house, as mentioned above, it certainly will shake things up for our farm produce, mining resources, and also house values.

Covidsafe Release


The contact tracing app, Covidsafe, was released by the Australian Government, on 26th April, 2020, at 6pm, Canberra.

Contact tracing app release 26 April 2020, 6pm.

As we are still in the Aries Ingress chart period, I am comparing the Contact App release chart to the Aries Ingress Chart.

The Release chart Mercury conjoins with the Aries Ingress midheaven! Well that has to spell success!

Mercury rules the Ingress 3rd House and also the 12th House . Technology (3rd H) being used in a hidden way to manage virus (12th H).

The Moon conjoins with Venus, both in Gemini the in Release Chart, making a positive aspect (trine) to the Aries Ingress Moon in Aquarius. Use of the App is voluntary (Uranus/Aquarius), so this should appease those who have concerns. Our individual freedom of choice is taken care of. Alternatively, the messages of assisting to “beat the virus” in our community, “doing your bit”, are also covered.

The App has been touted as a tool to assist our “Health Detectives” in contact tracing, especially as we have now entered the Community Phase of tracking clusters and detecting Asymptomatic cases, making the 12th placement of this T conjunction in the Aries Ingress chart,  a very relevant house placement.

The Ingress chart Jupiter has now moved on to 26 deg Capricorn in the Release Chart and is making a challenging aspect (square), to the Aries Ingress Midheaven.

The Government has implied that use of the App can possibly bring the lifting of imposed restrictions forward, so many are taking a punt (Jupiter) on this prospect, or alternatively due to the challenge associated with the square aspect, does it promise (Jupiter) more than it delivers? Time will tell…

Australian Aries Ingress 2020 and the Coronavirus

gumnut gif

How did we get here?

The Coronavirus pandemic is the catalyst to bring about the huge shifts heralded by the recent Saturn/Pluto conjunction (12/13th Jan 2020).

Neptune (Virus) in Pisces has been trailing behind Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn by sextile (by sign/degree) for most of last year and also 2020.

This great shift is also the preparation for the onset of the new era of Saturn/Jupiter entering the Air element after 200 years in Earth.

For the here and now, we need to “manage” the global pandemic.

I am using mundane astrology, and the whole sign house Aries Ingress chart, to assist in the interpretation of managing this watershed event and also highlighting how Australia managed to “flatten the curve”.

Chart standouts

The Aries Ingress is a strong chart. All planets are in the upper hemisphere – a bundle formation, telling us that its “all happening out there”. Perhaps we should all go within, self-isolate, to the lower hemisphere to get away from it all!

The chart has a predominance of Cardinal signs, in the Earth element, and Angular placements, giving us the message, to take concrete action, regarding the energies coming in on us.

Ruler of 6th house (Epidemics, workers, health system) is Jupiter in Capricorn, in fall in 7th house. Jupiter conjoins with exalted Mars in Capricorn.

Domicile Venus in Taurus in 10th house, trines conjoined Mars/Jupiter in 7th.

These angular aspects tell a potent story..

7th house “Coronavirus stellium” in Capricorn, sign ruler Saturn in domicile, Saturn signifies epidemics.

Movement of Mars, Jupiter leading up to and beyond 20 March

Strategies to curb/contain spread are  implemented

•Virus has reached us – spread mainly through opened/activated portal of 7th house ruled by Saturn.  Arriving travellers from overseas.

•Mars conjoined with Jupiter accelerates the spread.. numbers increase with the approaching conjunction.

•Mars the ruler of MC, the government takes action, things happen quickly (Mars).

•National Cabinet created – akin to War Cabinet, around 13th March during formation of Ingress conjunction.

•Strict social distancing, social venues shut down, overseas travel bans, borders are closed.

Numbers rise in lead up, stay high from Ingress date, then begin to taper off when Mars enters Aquarius and conjoins with Saturn and Jupiter conjoins with Pluto around end of month

Venus in Taurus trine Jupiter/Mars

•Domicile Venus in 11th house representing Parliament and aspirations of Government, trine Jupiter/Mars. They wish to avoid a recession (Venus sq Moon in financial 8th) and look after the well-being of the people (Moon). “Lives and Livelihoods” becomes the mantra.

• Government announces stimulus (Venus money) packages, the job-keeper package (note Uranus in Taurus also in 11th). A very unusual move for a Conservative government. “We are all in this together” a very Uranian theme is another mantra.

Jupiter conjoins Pluto on 31st March

This aspect indicates “strong plans leadership”. “Make a Million loose a Million”. (Job-keeper package 130 billion will increase deficit).

This aspect along with the conjoined Mars/Saturn in Aquarius, coincided with the Government’s action (Mars) of closing International and Domestic borders, as well as strictly enforced stay at home/self-isolation, quarantine and case tracing procedures. In hindsight, these actions along with these transits to the Ingress chart “flattened the curve”.

All these actions shocked/agitated the Nation, but as Australia has a Sun/Saturn conjunction in the Federation chart 1 Jan 1901, and with the nation’s Moon at 20 Taurus in a trine to the Aries Ingress chart “Coronavirus Stellium”, we complied.

After all, the Ingress Moon in 8th house presented us with a “life/death” situation. We do face economic challenges, however, the stimulus packages seem to allay any great fears at the moment.

The Sun – the Leader

The exalted Aries Sun, the only fire sign in the chart, falls in the 10th house. It squares the Nodes falling in Cancer and Capricorn close to the Ascendant/Descendant of the chart.

Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, had a shaky start to the year with our catastrophic bushfire season. Many were calling for him to step up to better leadership.

As the virus manifested in Australia, the Ingress saw him almost pivot in his leadership style. He became consultative with State leaders, followed the science, and fairly open with the press. He also showed empathy.

I guess this is how you see the ruler of the 10th house Mars working at its best in exaltation.

In Australia the Federal Government has a legislated mandate to take full control over pandemics, under the Quarantine Act 1908, now the Bio-Security Act 2015. So the Prime Minister was able to act using these powers, in a way which is reflected by the “Coronavirus Stellium” in the 7th house.

Mercury in Pisces trine North Node, sextile South Node

Mercury in Pisces is in fall, however a Morning Star, as it rises before the Sun, giving it better condition in a day chart. It’s also sextile Venus and Uranus by sign, and in positive aspect to the Nodes.

Mercury’s ruler is Jupiter and tied into the “Coronavirus Stellium”, so we see very early in the lead up to the Ingress, how travel bans from overseas are introduced, impacting negatively on our highly profitable tertiary foreign students programs (Mercury in fall).

However, during the progress of the Virus, the most controversial issue becomes the debate around “school closures”. Not surprising really given Mercury rules the 12th and 3rd house in the chart. Should children undertake online home learning, or should they attend school? Parents become involved, many withdrawing children on a voluntary basis (Cancer/Capricorn Nodes).

Interestingly, Education delivery is not a function of the Federal Government, being under State jurisdictions. The message from the Government becomes “confused” (Mercury in Pisces in fall). States and Territories differ in their approach, creating up to now, the only sign of disunity to the “National Cabinet” albeit behind closed doors (12th H), but somehow manage to convey a more unified message via their Press Conferences (3 H).Nevertheless, the public is still complaining about “mixed messaging”.

The Future?

The Aries Ingress chart can be used as a predictive tool for the whole year, however, in difficult times it is valid to also use the Cancer Ingress, Libra Ingress and Capricorn Ingress charts.

The most important pattern to watch is of course the “Coronavirus Stellium”. How do the stellium planets move by transit, quickly or slowly? Do they retrograde, change signs, etc?

Until the next Ingress, 21 June, Saturn goes Retrograde in Aquarius on 11 May, Jupiter goes Retrograde on 14th May. The Government is talking about very slow, cautious steps (Saturn) to lift some restrictions.

The Aries Ingress Venus has now moved into Gemini, of great significance as it will remain in Gemini for almost 6 mts. It falls in the 12th H, and 3rd H of the Ingress chart. Will the Contact Tracing App be successful?

Up till now, the events surrounding the Coronavirus, have been described as fast moving and unpredictable. This Aries Ingress with Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac, the Pioneer, has moved us all into “unchartered territory”. We shall all have to step cautiously, taking calculated risks, according to the Ingress message of the “Coronavirus Stellium”.

Stay safe, stay protected.

July Ingress, Australia, 21st June 2020. How are we going?


Last March, I did the Aries Ingress chart, concentrating on the impact of the Coronavirus. Let’s take a quick look at our Winter Ingress chart for July, to ascertain how we are going. I have used whole sign houses this time, as I think it gives an easier interpretation/overview of the house rulerships.

Some might notice the similarities with the Aries Ingress chart! Yes the MC and ASC are almost the same. Taking the planet ruling the 6th house (Virus), Jupiter, we now see that it is still in 7th house, however, it is now making a sextile to Mars, its conjoined planet at the Aries Ingress. That March Ingress conjunction gave us our strict lockdown, travel bans, and consequent job losses in a floundering economy.

This July Ingress sextile shows these restrictions easing, and here in Qld, we are heading towards the 3rd stage of “recovery” with most places opening and public gatherings up to 100. Note, as Mars is again the ruler of the MC (MC in Aries, the only fire sign in the chart) the Government is calling the shots, just like in March.

However, this ingress shows the Moon in Gemini, in 12th house, making an almost exact square to Mars in Pisces. The Moon indicates the people, their emotions, situation, and in a Mercury ruled sign, also their opinions. Hidden in the 12th house, there will be a call from the public to do more for those “suffering”. With Mars in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, the Government might be persuaded to assist those who are not on any safety net payment. Those working in the performing arts come to mind, as Mars rules the 5th house of entertainment. Issues regarding the longevity of the safety net payments, will also certainly come under scrutiny during this Ingress, as the 6mts will be coming to an end by the time of the 22/23 September, Spring Ingress which will tell us more.

The Ingress Mars will move into Aries on 29th June where it will stay for 6mts. This is an important placement. It conjoins the Aries Ingress Sun and squares the Sun of this ingress from the 10th house. The status of the PM (Sun) will come into the spotlight. What role will he play in global talks (WHO Review), how will the trade tensions with China progress? As Mars conjoined with Jupiter in 7th house last Ingress, will we see more progress or confusion on these fronts?

This Ingress the Sun is inconjunct (150 deg) Saturn R in Aquarius, placed in the 8th house. Our economy still needs considerable adjustment. As the inconjunct signifies change, release, letting go, many businesses will find themselves operating differently, in these early stages of “post-covid” times.

The Ingress Venus R in Gemini falls in the 12th house, and is applying by trine to Saturn R. This trine does not become exact, as Venus goes direct on 25th June, and Saturn continues its retrograde movement into Capricorn. Economic forecasts are guesstimates at best, nobody really knows what’s going on, even the Opposition (ruler of 4th house).  Venus makes no other aspects in the chart. Perhaps it’s best to wait until the Spring Ingress chart, when the budget comes down in October, to make some real sense of it.

9hrs after the Ingress, the Solar Eclipse occurs!! As the Sun represents our Prime Minister, expect the focus to remain on him during the next 6mts. As Scott Morrison’s noon natal chart, (no birth time) does not have any early cardinal planets, one can’t make an assessment on how the eclipse will affect him personally. However, he does have Chiron on 2 deg Aries? His Natal Ceres falls on 24 Libra, making a square to this Ingress Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn conjunction, so the way he uses his considerable powers to “look after/nurture” the nation can present a challenge.

The eclipse occurring so close to the July Ingress chart, does give this Ingress added strength and purpose. The only difference between the two events is the Moon conjoining the Sun, and of course the angles and house placements.

So let’s get back to a few more aspects in the July Ingress chart.


Of note is also that Mercury at 14 deg Cancer sits on the fixed star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky.. It is a dog star, and although it brings fame, honours, it does have a “bite” if things are overdone. As Mercury is retrograde, this is the star to watch. Mercury rules the 12th house of sorrow/hidden matters and the 3rd house of communications, all sorts, especially social media. Given Mercury is in mutual reception to the Moon, and the Moon squares Mars in Pisces, expect social media to break with all sorts of tweets/posts which will certainly have some “bite”. To censure or not to censure will become the narrative, as the old ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, is conjoined with Pluto, giving the social media giants plenty of power.

Overall, this Ingress sees us coming out of lockdown, with plenty of debate around how the Government handled the pandemic initially, how it will progress, and with a background theme of improving the plight of the “sufferers” (12th house).

Most importantly, especially coinciding with the Eclipse/Ingress Sun inconjunct Saturn, it will show us how we will or need to adjust to the increasingly obvious realisation of the emergence of a post pandemic world.


Rectified Natal Chart for Greta Thunberg


Rectification work for Greta Thunberg’s natal chart. 

There is no exact birth time for Greta Thunberg’s chart. This post goes through the Solar Arc (SA) charts I have used to do rectification work on her chart. Many of the Solar Arc hits to her natal planets do, however, tell the general narrative of her young life, regardless of her exact birth time.  (Click on charts to expand.)

Birth time estimated at 12:54 pm on 3 Jan 2003, Stockholm, Sweden.


The ruler of her chart, Mercury R, sits on the Midheaven (public standing/status). Mercury will go direct by progression when she is 21/22. Her father is  a Gemini, and often children have ascendants similar to their parents Sun signs.

The chart has activity in the upper half, denoting Greta taking her place in the outside world. Her passionate Venus/Mars conjunction in Scorpio, in 6th house, square her N Uranus in Aquarius, (hopes/wishes/causes) denotes her passion directed to a cause, namely climate change which is a 6th house matter.

Her N Jupiter R in Leo is trine N Pluto in Sagittarius, gives her the confidence and ability to speak up publicly and understand global issues. Her Moon in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, (earth/responsibility/discipline) is trine (positive) her natal Mars in Scorpio (transformative) also in 6th house of climate. She finds it easy to take action, and as her Mars is in a fixed sign, she has strong/fixed deep emotions about the climate.

Her Chiron (wound) in Capricorn, is conjunct the Sun in Capricorn, in 8th house, which would give her “existential angst”. Chiron is also semi-square her Uranus/Venus square – she would be compelled to make climate action her cause, as she sees it as a direct threat to her existence/life (8th house).

Solar arc Jan 2011 to Natal  – 8 years old, first heard about climate change.

At age 8 she received instruction on climate change. Her SA Ascendant was approaching her natal Saturn, the planet of responsibility. Her natal Sun also conjoined her Moon in 9th house, of global issues, world view, big picture ideas. The SA North Node, also conjoins her Ascendant. She has been “enlightened”. However, as her Ascendant is quinqunx (150 deg) her natal Sun, it releases her existential fears, as it activates her Sun semi-square Venus and Uranus.

Solar Arc 2014 to Natal –  Illness diagnosed

Her Illness is diagnosed, when SA Mercury conjoins with her Natal Neptune in the sign of Aquarius. Her SA Neptune is also coming to square her natal Mars in Scorpio in 6th house, also the house of illness. Mercury, Neptune hits are common in nervous disorders and would account for her “muteness” going into a world of her own. Her SA Venus, which is semi-square Chiron natally, is again activated, as it is conjoining her South Node in 6th house. 

Solar Arc August 2018 to Natal  – Sits alone on Climate School Strike




At age 15, Greta is now capable of analytical thinking. She takes a stand against climate change. Her SA Sun and Chiron have reached her Midheaven and also conjoining her natal Mercury. Her SA Neptune is conjoining her natal Uranus in Aquarius and squaring her Venus in Scorpio. Her SA North Node in 1st house is conjoining her PoF and natal Saturn. She has decided that she alone (Saturn) will make a stand by going on strike for climate change. 

I welcome any comments re Greta’s rectified birth time. Of course, any public announcement of her exact birth time, would be a huge bonus for mundane astrological work and help shed light on how her original idea of “Student Strike for Climate” will evolve in the future.

Blessings to you Greta,

Veronica Chlap- Astroscribe.

Looking back, Uranus in Taurus, 1934-1942, in Australian Politics.


As most of you know, Australia’s Federation chart has an exalted Moon in Taurus. In the Melbourne chart, it forms a separating grand trine to Sun/Saturn in Capricorn, and to Mars in Virgo.


Given that Uranus is now again in Taurus, what can we learn, (given that very few of us have experienced Uranus in Taurus), about this transit and how it will impact our national politics.

Many of us expected the recent election to bring about Uranian change/upheavals. Well in one sense it did, as opinion polls incorrectly predicted the outcome. But the government did not change, Uranus in Taurus dug its heels in and revealed the “ fixed, stubborn” streak associated with the sign. Of course, Venus, the ruler of Taurus conjunct Uranus, added an extra streak of stubbornness..

Well then, what can we expect with transiting Uranus in Taurus, being a major transit during the term of this new government and off and on triggering our grand trine in the earth signs?

Let’s go back to when Uranus was last in Taurus and look at what radical, new amazing things (Uranus) the government of the day achieved.

In 1934, Joseph Lyons was the PM and headed up the United Australia Party (UAP), (yes strange synchronicity with this election as Clive Palmer revived this party recently).

All the action had occurred in 1931, when Lyons split with the ALP and formed the UAP, mainly due to disagreements on how to handle the economic effects of the Great Depression. Uranus was in Aries, then, and yes the action is understandable, given the T Aries Uranus trine to Australia’s natal stellium in Sagittarius.

Lyons won 3 terms of Government, once in 1931, (Uranus in Aries), 1934 & 1937(Uranus in Taurus).

He died in office 7 April, 1939, the first Australian PM to do so. Robert Menzies then took over the leadership, until 1941, with the Labor Party under Curtin taking over in October 1941 (whilst Uranus was R in last degree of Taurus).

Overall, Lyons has been described as “leading an unadventurous government”? Lyons was a very popular PM, and used the media of the day newspapers, radio and flying, to connect with people. He had very orthodox economic policies, and believed in cutting government expenditure to pay down debt.

The list of notable legislation during his Uranus in Taurus terms, was very short, the most notable and compatible with Uranus in Taurus being the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (ITAA36) a new primary statute for the collection of income tax in Australia. It is still in force today, thousands of pages, with of course many amendments added over the last 84 odd years. This Act now covers those issues we went to the election over, namely negative gearing, franking credits, capital gains tax albeit they were added during the years Uranus made its continued cycle through the zodiac signs.

Changes proposed to this Act were rejected by Australians recently and looking at our chart, it is little wonder with the natal Moon Taurus trining Sun/Venus in Capricorn. We do not like changes to the things we value.., not to mention other changes proposed at this election namely gaining royalties/employment from mining…

Even transiting Uranus with applying aspects albeit a bit wide, did not give us a push to make changes, in fact the opposite happened and we dug our heels in, resisted change and went against (Uranus) the expected norms of the political pundits. However, will the ITAA36, escape more radical Uranian changes when it faces its Uranus return during the term of this Government?

Whilst Uranus was in Taurus during the Lyons/Menzies UAP government, it seems global events shook our then very small nation, rather than domestic matters. The Uranian event of the abdication of Edward VIII in Dec 1936, giving us a new King and the outbreak of WW2 in September 1939 which led our country into war, definitely had the flavour of Uranus.

T Uranus was at 6⁰ Taurus trining our natal Sun, when Edward VIII abdicated and at WW2 outbreak around 21⁰ Taurus trining our Mars in Virgo. All events triggering our Earth grand trine.

Overall, although some Uranus in Taurus influenced our domestic policies, it seems that this planet and sign impacted the Globe more drastically and we by default, as global citizens, became players in these events.

Seems to me that we in Australia, now again have to look to Global events having an impact on our nation, hopefully not abdication of our Monarch, and certainly not war, but perhaps the impact of climate change?  Make your own conclusions, as there could be many more, by looking at the bi-wheel below. Given that our SA Moon in Virgo is conjunct our Natal Mars in Virgo, an earth sign, and the ruler Mercury is trine by SA to our natal Jupiter in Sagittarius, perhaps global (Jupiter/Sag) action regarding the condition of the earth will impact us. In any case, our natal grand trine in earth signs, will be triggered by our solar arc Moon, and with T Uranus in the mix, it looks like Australia reacting to global events will give us an interesting few years ahead. 

Pluto went retro square fixed star Spica.


Pluto went retro at 23°09 Capricorn, (25/26 April 2019) square the fixed star Spica 23°50 Libra.

This fixed star denotes, wealth, fame, honour, glamour, the “Fortunate One”. Very Fortunate; Venus/ Mars. Any wins lately?

Note: Transiting Pluto 23°09 R is also opposite Donald Trump’s Natal Saturn 23°48, which in turn is square Spica!!

Donald Trump’s Pluto=Sat/Mars midpoint


Donald Trump’s natal chart has a Pluto=Sat/Mars midpoint.

This midpoint is especially difficult, as his natal Pluto 10º Leo falls in his 12th house of “self-undoing”.

Ebertin describes this midpoint as, “Brutality, the rage or fury of destruction”. 

A modern interpretation of this midpoint is:

Demonstrating the will and intent to meet specific challenges; to completely master and overcome an arduous situation. Defiance; refusing to back down or give in under pressure. Build ups of stress and aggression which are prone to periodic and powerful release. The activation of survival instincts. An awareness of the destructive forces of ‘man and nature’. Harmful elements. Collective loss and anguish.”

Around mid September 2019, his solar arc Ascendant hits up this midpoint by square, at 10º Scorpio, which will trigger the above reaction.


The 90º dial above shows how his Solar Arc (SA) ascendant has moved to an exact square to his natal Pluto. Also note that solar arc Chiron is forming a semi-square to the SA Ascendant, as it appears “Across the Dial” on the chart.

Below is an image of the same Dial with the pointer placed from the outer wheel, SA chart to natal chart.

Here we can see Asc=Sat/Nept, which according to Ebertin represents “An emotionally depressing environment, oppressive family circumstances, emotional suffering caused by other persons, limitation of freedom”.

Ebertin does not give interpretations for Chiron in the midpoint structures, but we can ascertain from the planetary energies involved, that he will be involved in the suffering (Chiron) caused by his actions (Ascendant) of his 12th house Pluto (behind the scene transformative actions to control).

Asc=Moon/Pluto, is interpreted as “A violent reaction to environmental influences, the tendency to cause upsets in one’s environment through one’s conduct, many upsets”.


As we have already seen, Trump will have an extreme reaction to the Mueller report, and if Congress goes ahead with Impeachment, Trump’s reaction will be very strong indeed.

Midpoint Interpretations for Donald Trump


Birth Data

Donald Trump Natal Chart.14 Jun 1946 10:54:00 AM EDT +04:00:00. Jamaica New York USA 73w48’22 40n41’29.

From: Astrology House, Janus.

When analysing a chart, it is always useful to consider midpoints. Here are the midpoints of Trump’s natal chart. Posting for Astrologers to use when considering transits and progressions to Trump’s chart to check if a midpoint is being activated. 

Ascendant = Uranus/Pluto (-1d 00m S SemiSquare)

An intense and restless personality. A compulsive urge to make changes. Pioneering and reformatory activity. Contending with stress and pressure; unpredictability within the environment. Contentious and destructive elements. Demanding and volatile partnerships. Erratic and fanatical behaviour – in self or others.

Ascendant = Saturn/Neptune (-0d 08m S Conjunct)

Contending with restrictive and undermining situations; negative environmental influences. The tendency to worry or agonise over problems – real or imagined. An acutely sensitive disposition – physically and emotionally. Health issues. Elusive and escapist tendencies. Testing and enervating relationships. Finding peace and tranquillity in spiritual disciplines; benefits from meditation, yoga, tai chi. Creating a personal sanctuary. Caring for others – healing ability.

Ascendant = Pluto/Moon’s North Node (+0d 28m A SemiSquare)

An intense and magnetic personality. An authoritative presence; displaying leadership and organisational skills. Influential and powerful partnerships and connections in life. Dynamic and high-powered activity in conjunction with others. Manipulating others and being manipulated. Power struggles (with blood relatives).

Ascendant = Moon/Pluto (+0d 40m A SemiSquare)

A passionate nature. Fixating upon something or someone; compulsive and obsessive traits. The tendency to take things to extremes. Intense and dynamic partnerships. Manipulating others or being manipulated. Family power struggles. Domineering women. Contending with environmental pressures. A risk of bottling things up; emotional repression.

Ascendant = Venus/Neptune (+0d 50m A Conjunct)

A soft-hearted personality. Dreaming of the ideal partner and lover. Idolising someone or being idolised. Vulnerability and susceptibility in love and sex life. Infatuations; secret affairs. An evasive and elusive nature. Deceptive and undermining relationships and environmental influences. Dependencies within partnerships. Addictive tendencies.

Ascendant = Mercury/Saturn (+1d 22m A SemiSquare)

A serious, reliable and conscientious nature. Keenly observant and cautious. A deep thinker; a logical person. Succinct communication. Knowing how to keep life simple; focusing on personal priorities. Reluctance; experiencing moments of distrust or hesitation. Being prone to negative trains of thought – reticence and suspicion. Neglecting someone or something. Separative influences.

Neptune = Pluto/Ascendant (-0d 50m A SemiSquare)

Finding the means and ways to get what is wanted; be that secretly or indirectly. The greater the risk – the greater the loss. Falling prey to the power of another; the potential for being ‘sucked in – hook, line and sinker’. Gullibility; being deeply disappointed and misled. Destructive and manipulative partnerships. Detrimental environmental influences. Disempowerment; emotional and physical distress


Neptune = Sun/Jupiter (-0d 39m A SemiSquare)

Believing that anything is possible in life – high hopes and wishes. The need to keep expectations in perspective. Spiritual, religious or metaphysical interests. Development of the inner life. A risk of misplaced confidence and trust. Potential health problems through over-indulgence. The weakening of vitality through the overuse of intoxicants and stimulants. Depleted finances; over expenditure.

Neptune = Saturn/Uranus (+0d 01m S Square)

Witnessing unavoidable changes and reforms in life. The sudden undermining of established structures and arrangements. The erosion – and restructuring of traditions and institutions. Being receptive to viable alternatives. The desire to escape from tense and stressful situations – avoidance. The necessity to give in – or to accept that ‘what will be, will be’. Helpless and hopeless situations. Stress related health issues.

Neptune = Venus/Uranus (+0d 58m S Square)

An alluring and flirtatious nature; the ability to tantalise and beguile. Enticing others or being enticed. Receptive to sexual experimentation. Secret infatuations. Potential disloyalty – indiscretions. Emotional turmoil. Instability and confusion within relationships. Inspired artistic originality. Creative perception.

Neptune = Saturn/Moon’s North Node (+1d 28m S Square)

Periodically seeking sanctuary and seclusion away from others. Meditative and contemplative qualities. Difficulties establishing and maintaining reliable and enduring relationships. Influences which undermine connections and family ties. Disloyalty and dishonesty within partnerships. Feelings of rejection. Mistreatment. Painful experiences and realisations.

Jupiter = Mercury/Saturn (-1d 07m A Square)

Achieving results through disciplined activity and persistence. Applying steadily to the task at hand. Focusing the mind and carrying out plans and ideas successfully. Giving serious thought to finding the best solutions. A first-rate problem solver. Firm opinions and convictions. The ability to teach or instruct. A good student. Recognising when it is time to move on. Separative influences.

Jupiter = Sun/Pluto (-0d 58m A Square)

Personal conviction. Placing great importance on success and achievement. Intense drive; commitment to specific causes. An entrepreneurial spirit. Demonstrating what it takes to achieve goals. Confidently forging ahead in life. Influential connections. Involvement in large-scale ventures and investments. Striving for material and financial security. Over-estimating self and abilities. Compulsive and indulgent tendencies. An arrogant manner.

Jupiter = Mercury/Venus (-0d 09m A Square)

Abundant creative energy. Visual discernment. The ability to recognise and appreciate quality. Acquiring lavish items and artistic objects. A purveyor or collector of fine art. An art critic. Ease of communication within partnerships. Love dialogues. Enjoying life’s pleasures and indulging the senses. Satisfying desires. Indulgences and extravagances.

Moon = Sun/Uranus (-0d 48m S Opposition)

An intuitive and perceptive nature. Quick instinctive responses. Spontaneity. Adapting and adjusting to change throughout life – contending with the unexpected. Sudden disturbances to daily patterns and routines. Unpredictable circumstances. Unsettling and disruptive influences in personal, domestic or family life. Highly strung tendencies. Agitation and irritability.

Moon = Jupiter/Midheaven (-0d 18m A Sesquiquadrate)

High expectations in life. An instinct for success and for making beneficial career moves. Vocational advancement and recognition. A generous and supportive nature. A positive outlook. The tendency to look on the bright side. Successful career women. Affluent family and social connections.

Moon = Sun/Moon’s North Node (+0d 40m A Opposition)

Forming and cultivating important personal connections. An emotional need for physical contact. A strong family bond. Significant personalities within the family unit. Matriarchal and patriarchal figures. A sense of personal history. An interest in genealogy. Supportive relationships. Ability to deal with the public and cater to people’s needs. Establishing personal partnerships.

Moon = Mars/Jupiter (+0d 55m A Square)

Emotional exuberance and confidence. Relying on instinct and initiative – and acting with integrity. Bringing personal ventures to fruition. Successful and constructive activity. Creativity and resourcefulness. Prospering financially or materially; benefitting from supportive and conducive conditions. Procreative energy – fertility. An enterprising woman or family.

Midheaven = Venus/Moon’s North Node (-1d 05m S SemiSquare)

An attractive and alluring nature. Loving another with heart and soul. Affairs of the heart; intimate and sexual liaisons. Entering into partnerships based on mutual love and devotion. Appreciating sincerity within partnerships; valuing personal and professional connections. Mixing with creative and artistic individuals. The desire for social status.

Midheaven = Sun/Saturn (-0d 59m S SemiSquare)

A solitary and self-contained nature. Leading a simple lifestyle. Modesty and unpretentiousness. Persistent and conscientious behaviour. Working hard to achieve positions of authority – and vocational recognition. Professional obstacles. Difficulties through a lack of incentive and motivation – or through defeatist attitudes. Health issues; bouts of tiredness and lethargy.

Midheaven = Moon/Venus (-0d 53m S Sesquiquadrate)

A deeply caring and nurturing nature. Being aware of the needs of others – a loving and devoted soul. Intimacy within relationships – sincere love and trust between partners. Giving and receiving support in life – at personal and professional level. Enjoying one’s career. Parental instincts; a satisfying family and domestic life.

Midheaven = Sun/Venus (-0d 02m S SemiSquare)

A loving and devoted nature. Inner harmony. Attractive and magnetic qualities. Appreciating the beautiful things in life. Sociability; mixing with creative people – artists or musicians. Artistic talent and aspirations. Enjoying one’s vocation in life – ‘loving what you do’. Professional acknowledgement and admiration. Partnerships based on mutual love and respect.

Uranus = Mercury/Midheaven (-1d 17m A Conjunct)

Developing a unique ‘take’ on life; an individual perspective. Original thoughts and ideas. An innovative and ingenious nature. Anticipating future trends. Sudden shifts in personal and professional direction. Constantly redefining and reassessing vocational position. High-tech careers. Tension and stress within work and domestic life.

Uranus = Saturn/Pluto (-0d 58m A SemiSquare)

Quick on the uptake and alert to impending risk or danger. The desire to be free of compounding pressures and stress. Volatile and erratic behaviour. Defiance. Extreme intolerance in self and others. Enforced critical adjustments. Exposure to powerful forces outside of personal control which manifest suddenly. Destructive influences. Breakthroughs as a result of intense struggle.

Uranus = Mercury/Mars (-0d 05m A SemiSquare)

A quick and resourceful intellect. Having a ready answer, especially when ‘put on the spot’. Rapid reply and retaliation. An advocate for change and reform; for freedom of speech and action. The courage to speak out, often without considering the repercussions. Assessing situations swiftly. A defiant nature. A wicked temper; provoking others or being provoked. Accident and injury proneness.

Uranus = Venus/Pluto (-0d 00m A SemiSquare)

Sudden and obsessive desires. Electrifying and magnetic attractions. Falling deeply and utterly in love. Experimentation in love, sex and creative expression. Emotionally or sexually demanding and challenging relationships. Dramas and turmoil within partnerships. Being transformed by the power of love.

Uranus = Neptune/Ascendant (+0d 01m S Square)

An intuitive and empathic personality. Being readily influenced by others; a susceptible and receptive nature. Sensitive to jarring and abrasive influences within the environment. Contending with undermining and deceptive currents. Instability and confusion within partnerships. Unexpected disappointments. A risk of being maligned through keeping bad company.

Moon’s North Node = Mercury/Ascendant (-1d 24m A SemiSquare)

Maintaining active communication with others. Keeping up to date and informed about topical events. An enquiring mind; curious and inquisitive about other people’s affairs. Stimulating personal friendships and quickly changing alliances. Intelligent and clever partnerships. An active social life. Business connections.

Moon’s North Node = Moon/Uranus (-1d 15m A Square)

Lively and spontaneous personal connections. Associating with progressive and free-thinking people. Intuitive links with others. An independent and volatile streak which can cause strains in partnerships. Stressful relationships. Changeable family dynamics.

Moon’s North Node = Sun/Uranus (-0d 24m A Conjunct)

Stimulating connections. Associating with progressive, free-thinking and radical people. Advocating reforms in conjunction with others. Intermittent involvement with groups. Reactive and upsetting behaviour within relationships.

Moon’s North Node = Jupiter/Midheaven (+0d 06m S SemiSquare)

Advantageous personal and professional relationships. Successful and profitable teamwork. Advancing vocationally; gaining positive support from others and family members. Getting on well with colleagues. Mutual respect within partnerships. Connecting with good humoured and optimistic people.

Moon’s North Node = Sun/Moon (+1d 16m S Square)

Forming significant unions throughout the course of life. Friendships and relationships which are central to personal growth – and impact at a core level. A gift for forming and cultivating connections. Satisfying experiences within groups or clubs. A supportive and consistent member. Strong family ties and bonds. An attraction to kindred souls and spirits. Feeling ‘at one’ with a partner; unity. A significant union – marriage.

Moon’s North Node = Mars/Jupiter (+1d 19m S Square)

Connecting with creative and highly motivated people. Achieving the desired results in enterprises through combined effort and endeavour. Prosperous partnerships. Profitable and rewarding associations. Business activity; lucrative deals and investments with others. Fertile relationships.

Sun = Mars/Jupiter (-0d 49m S Square)

A high level of self-motivation and personal initiative. Enterprising and constructive activity. Success in life through own efforts. Directing the will and energies confidently and positively. Pro-active and decisive. Realisation of personal ambitions. High achiever. Successful and fruitful partnerships. Feeling fulfilled.

Sun = Jupiter/Ascendant (+0d 47m S Square)

Making a good impression on others. Self-confident and self-promoting. A generous spirit. Furthering personal interests. The ability to get ahead in life and to come into contact with successful and prominent people. Happy and profitable relationships. Affluent connections. A positive and healthy outlook on life.

Sun = Saturn/Midheaven (+1d 10m S Conjunct)

Development of self-reliance. A strong sense of purpose and direction in life. Motivation to establish and secure a position in life. Gaining respect and authority through hard work and discipline. Difficulties in career or vocation. Tendency to be readily discouraged or prone to defeatist attitudes. Contending with inhibitions of an inner or external nature. Limiting professional and domestic or family circumstances.


Mercury = Moon/Saturn (-1d 21m A Square)

A realistic outlook and approach to life. Applying reason over emotion. Discussing emotional concerns with others; knowing when to be responsible. Serious considerations and realisations involving family life. Mental focus. Hours of disciplined mental activity. The tendency to dwell on past difficulties or slights. Reticence. Imagining things to be worse than they are. Contemplating separation.

Mercury = Venus/Moon’s North Node (-0d 35m S Conjunct)

Knowing how to make the most of the good things in life. Enjoying social activity, parties and entertainment with others. Articulate, creative and refined company – cultured connections. Sharing creative ideas, views and concepts. Mixing in artistic circles. Discussing relationship dynamics; intimate dialogues between partners.

Mercury = Sun/Saturn (-0d 29m S Conjunct)

A disciplined mind. Applying self to serious study and research. Concentration and focus. Logic and reason. Succinct in speech and writing. Single-minded. The tendency to view life seriously and realistically. A practical philosopher. A slow accomplishment of goals. Perseverance. A risk of health problems through poor dietary habits and neglect. Shyness and reticence. Scepticism. A negative outlook. Sober and sombre realisations. Mental blocks.

Mercury = Moon/Venus (-0d 23m A Square)

Intellectual receptivity and creativity. An instinctive visual and aesthetic sense. Feeling blessed and acknowledging it. Affectionate responses. Pondering the nature of love. Discussing intimate feelings with others. Talking about relationship and sexual needs and desires; speaking with heart and soul. Thinking about parenthood. Communication with women and family members.

Mercury = Sun/Venus (+0d 28m A Conjunct)

Creative thinking. An eye for art and design. Aesthetically aware and discerning. Artistic trains of thought. The developing of creative skills. Thinking about love and intimate relationships. Declaring love and what is felt. Discussing the nature of love and also heartfelt issues. Social interaction.

Saturn = Mars/Uranus (-1d 29m A Conjunct)

Intense frustration. Confronting challenges which test personal strength and stamina. Focusing willpower and energies to overcome difficult situations. Contending with obstructive and aggravating conditions. Thwarted plans and intentions. Blocked energy. Aggressive tendencies; hostile actions. Severity. Accident proneness.

Saturn = Moon’s North Node/Midheaven (-1d 14m A SemiSquare)

A self-absorbed and introspective nature. Aloofness. Following one’s own path in life – or ‘going it alone’. Living apart from others. A solitary existence. Placing individual needs before others. Significant separations. Establishing personal and professional priorities. Trusting and respecting the help and assistance of others to further personal and professional aims.

Saturn = Moon/Midheaven (-1d 02m A Sesquiquadrate)

A responsible nature. Serious commitment to personal and professional aspirations. Contending with family responsibilities and duties. Making sincere sacrifices. Seeking sanctuary within the home. Inner and emotional repressions. Sorrow and angst through loss or separation. Severances from the past – or from the family. Testing connections with women.

Saturn = Neptune/Pluto (-0d 52m S SemiSquare)

Deep sensitivities and insecurities. Subjection to negative mind-sets. Suspicion and scepticism. Fear of the unknown. The erosion of security and reality structures – the inability to continue as before. States of anguish or despair. A person who is either for or against spiritual beliefs and metaphysical phenomena.

Saturn = Sun/Midheaven (-0d 10m A SemiSquare)

A serious individual. A single-minded and realistic approach to aims and aspirations. Professional challenges and sacrifices. The potential for being passed over for promotion and recommendation. A fear of failure. An occasional need for solitude and privacy. Gradually establishing positions of respect and authority through perseverance.

Saturn = Mars/Moon’s North Node (-0d 02m A Conjunct)

Consolidating relationships in order to achieve shared goals. Focused activity and disciplined teamwork. Controlling others or being controlled. Clashes of will and ego. Defensive and reactive inclinations within associations. Conflict within partnerships. Decisive separations. Shared problems and grievances.

Saturn = Uranus/Ascendant (+0d 07m S Conjunct)

A defensive nature. Learning when to play it safe – and when to take risks or chances. A dislike of being restricted, confined or compromised. Living life by own rules and standards. An independent spirit with a realistic outlook on life. Delayed responses to environmental influences. Controlling others or being controlled. Restrictive elements. Tension and conflict within partnerships. Sudden and timely departures and separations.

Saturn = Moon/Mars (+0d 10m S Square)

Dealing with personal problems directly and efficiently. Working through challenges; persisting against the odds – or despite setbacks. Contending with restrictive and combative influences. A frustrated determination. Fluctuating degrees of impetus and motivation. Repressed emotional and sexual desires. Crankiness. Decisive separations.

Saturn = Mercury/Pluto (+0d 38m S Conjunct)

The power to focus the mind. A deeply introspective nature. Intensive and time-consuming projects or research. The ability to probe, investigate or uncover. Diligently working through mental or intellectual challenges. Incessant and exacting criticism. Being prone to rigid and fixed thinking. Strong fixations and convictions. Manipulative and controlling influences.

Saturn = Sun/Mars (+1d 02m S Conjunct)

Hard-earned achievements. A tested will and fighting spirit. The need to take responsibility for actions and non-actions. Accepting – or resisting – circumstantial limitations. Defending or forfeiting a stand. Professional or employment difficulties and challenges. Discouragement. Defensive or offensive action. A lack of confidence in self and abilities. Frustration; blocked energy. Separative influences.

Venus = Mercury/Pluto (-1d 17m S Conjunct)

Magnetic appeal; the ability to be persuasive and charming when it suits. Passionately expressing what is felt and thought. The power to speak with heart and feeling. Discussing issues relating to love and sexuality. Romantic obsessions and fixations. Manipulating others or being manipulated. Dynamic artistic performances.


Venus = Sun/Mars (-0d 53m S Conjunct)

A charismatic and demonstrative nature. Strong physical and emotional attractions. Quickly aroused and stimulated. A sexual being; potential infidelity. Enjoying being active and vital. The urge to be creative and productive. Procreative energy. Impulsive and indulgent tendencies.

Venus = Moon’s North Node/Ascendant (-0d 21m A Conjunct)

An attractive and positive personality. Harmonious interactions within the environment. Diplomacy. The desire for personal and intimate relationships. Affectionate bonds. Contacts with artistic and creative people. An active social life. Cultivating a wide circle of social connections. Sexual attractions and partnerships.

Venus = Moon/Ascendant (-0d 09m A Square)

An attractive and responsive personality. Displaying consideration and cooperation. Doing things with pleasure and from the heart. Valuing personal ties and connections with family and females. Cultivating close and intimate partnerships. Protective and parental instincts. Creating a welcoming home environment. Remembering the good things in life. A natural peace-maker.

Venus = Sun/Ascendant (+0d 42m S Conjunct)

A pleasant and vibrant personality. Sex-appeal; personal charm and allure. Well-mannered and courteous. Self-confidence – being admired and respected by others. Physical and emotional intimacy between partners. Sincere and loving relationships. A personal sense of style and fashion. Creative talent or appreciation.

Pluto = Jupiter/Ascendant (-1d 20m A SemiSquare)

A self-righteous and dictatorial manner. Uncompromising faith in self and abilities. Successful and high-powered activity. Powerful and influential partnerships. Large-scale ventures; lucrative investments. Financial enterprises. Business magnates. A risk of ‘pushing one’s luck’; of over-extending self and resources.

Pluto = Saturn/Midheaven (-0d 57m A SemiSquare)

Intense introspection. An extremely solitary disposition – and experience. Extreme self-reliance and self-discipline. A difficult career path fraught with obstacles and challenges. No short cuts and ‘free lunches’ in life. Conclusive turning points. Enforced sacrifices and compromises. The gradual rise to a position of power and control.

Pluto = Venus/Midheaven (+0d 00m S SemiSquare)

The desire for power and social status. Ambitious ventures. A magnetic and charming nature; using charisma and appeal to get ahead in life – to get what is wanted. Easily manipulating others or being easily manipulated. Fixating over something or someone. Obsessive tendencies. Emotional and sexual chemistry between partners. All-consuming and intense experiences in love.

Pluto = Mars/Saturn (+0d 15m S Conjunct)

Demonstrating the will and intent to meet specific challenges; to completely master and overcome an arduous situation. Defiance; refusing to back down or give in under pressure. Build ups of stress and aggression which are prone to periodic and powerful release. The activation of survival instincts. An awareness of the destructive forces of ‘man and nature’. Harmful elements. Collective loss and anguish.

Pluto = Venus/Mars (+1d 13m S Conjunct)

A deeply passionate and sensual nature. Charisma. Sexual magnetism. Obsessing about someone – or something. Fanaticism. Compulsive urges; giving in to temptation. Being overwhelmed by desire and the power of love. Intense emotional and sexual attractions. Depth of feeling within partnerships. Dramas in love life. Creative potential; dedicated artistic activity.

Mars = Jupiter/Neptune (-0d 08m S SemiSquare)

Hoping and believing that initiatives set in motion will turn out as planned. Idealistic or altruistic motivations and pursuits. A risk of unwise speculations; impractical and unrealistic ventures. A risk of leaving oneself open to loss and disappointment. Blind faith and zeal. Crusading for a cause. An active religious and spiritual life. Metaphysical pursuits.

Mars = Ascendant/Midheaven (+0d 23m S SemiSquare)

Thriving on personal challenge and the accomplishing of individual goals. High degrees of motivation and initiative. Recognition for personal and professional achievements. Ambitious and wilful. Maintaining an active lifestyle. The spirit of competitiveness and rivalry. Courageous stances; tackling difficulties head-on. A readiness to confront. The power to assert, attack and defend. A dislike of being told what to do. A quick temper. Aggressive or destructive traits. Quick reflexes. Impulsive and reactive behaviour. Accident proneness. Injury. A fighting spirit.

Mars = Mercury/Jupiter (+1d 23m S Conjunct)

A confident and direct communicator. Making intentions clear. Acting on good ideas. Achieving desired results. Constructive plans and initiatives. The urge to broaden one’s understanding. Pursuing knowledge. Productive and fruitful activity. Resourcefulness. Successful business ventures. i

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