Pluto went retro square fixed star Spica.


Pluto went retro at 23°09 Capricorn, (25/26 April 2019) square the fixed star Spica 23°50 Libra.

This fixed star denotes, wealth, fame, honour, glamour, the “Fortunate One”. Very Fortunate; Venus/ Mars. Any wins lately?

Note: Transiting Pluto 23°09 R is also opposite Donald Trump’s Natal Saturn 23°48, which in turn is square Spica!!

5 thoughts on “Pluto went retro square fixed star Spica.

  1. Donna Stanford

    I have my sun at 23. 45 Libra conjunct Spica. I am PETRIFIED of the upcoming square because I have read that your health is typically what comes to the forefront. Especially since my Chart ruler is Leo. 😭 I am hopeful that Spica will help me but Saturn is squaring also at the same time.


    • Donna,
      Spica is such a fortunate star, even if the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on 12 Jan 2020, squares it, you are bound to come out on top. I have not heard of health coming into the mix with Spica. Depending on your chart, you may face some challenges, but face them head on, work through them with compromise and you should be ok.


      • Lilith of Abaddon

        >comment day after my birthday

        Gah. So, yeah. I have Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury all within a degree of each other and just within Spica and Arcturus’ orbs… And they square my nodes, which is were Pluto is still parked.

        Then, on the 22nd of Dec 2021 Venus went retrograde riiiight there and I broke up with the girl that was staying with me (literally trying to control my life) and she called the police (we hadn’t seen each other most of the day and she’d only been home a couple hours; hadn’t even said 2 words to each other) and she texts me “last chance” and I’m like “?”

        20 minutes later the cops show up and arrest me, no questions asked.

        I was out within 24 hours of a 36 hour investigative hold with no charges filed… then walked home from downtown Minneapolis in my slippers and a hoodie and threw her the f out.

        Mars and Venus are going to be conjunct there in a matter of weeks and I’m uh… nervous. And, of course, the stellium is going to Trine with my Moon and transiting Lilith at about the same time.. Think I might just lock myself in the house.


  2. Venus and Mars conjunct at that degree late Feb ’22. Get some advice and or assistance if you think you need it. Also do your solar arc chart in bi-wheel to you natal chart, and interpret any conjunctions, squares and oppositions, always a very good indicator of the energies around you. Good luck!


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