Rectified Natal Chart for Greta Thunberg


Rectification work for Greta Thunberg’s natal chart. 

There is no exact birth time for Greta Thunberg’s chart. This post goes through the Solar Arc (SA) charts I have used to do rectification work on her chart. Many of the Solar Arc hits to her natal planets do, however, tell the general narrative of her young life, regardless of her exact birth time.  (Click on charts to expand.)

Birth time estimated at 12:54 pm on 3 Jan 2003, Stockholm, Sweden.


The ruler of her chart, Mercury R, sits on the Midheaven (public standing/status). Mercury will go direct by progression when she is 21/22. Her father is  a Gemini, and often children have ascendants similar to their parents Sun signs.

The chart has activity in the upper half, denoting Greta taking her place in the outside world. Her passionate Venus/Mars conjunction in Scorpio, in 6th house, square her N Uranus in Aquarius, (hopes/wishes/causes) denotes her passion directed to a cause, namely climate change which is a 6th house matter.

Her N Jupiter R in Leo is trine N Pluto in Sagittarius, gives her the confidence and ability to speak up publicly and understand global issues. Her Moon in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, (earth/responsibility/discipline) is trine (positive) her natal Mars in Scorpio (transformative) also in 6th house of climate. She finds it easy to take action, and as her Mars is in a fixed sign, she has strong/fixed deep emotions about the climate.

Her Chiron (wound) in Capricorn, is conjunct the Sun in Capricorn, in 8th house, which would give her “existential angst”. Chiron is also semi-square her Uranus/Venus square – she would be compelled to make climate action her cause, as she sees it as a direct threat to her existence/life (8th house).

Solar arc Jan 2011 to Natal  – 8 years old, first heard about climate change.

At age 8 she received instruction on climate change. Her SA Ascendant was approaching her natal Saturn, the planet of responsibility. Her natal Sun also conjoined her Moon in 9th house, of global issues, world view, big picture ideas. The SA North Node, also conjoins her Ascendant. She has been “enlightened”. However, as her Ascendant is quinqunx (150 deg) her natal Sun, it releases her existential fears, as it activates her Sun semi-square Venus and Uranus.

Solar Arc 2014 to Natal –  Illness diagnosed

Her Illness is diagnosed, when SA Mercury conjoins with her Natal Neptune in the sign of Aquarius. Her SA Neptune is also coming to square her natal Mars in Scorpio in 6th house, also the house of illness. Mercury, Neptune hits are common in nervous disorders and would account for her “muteness” going into a world of her own. Her SA Venus, which is semi-square Chiron natally, is again activated, as it is conjoining her South Node in 6th house. 

Solar Arc August 2018 to Natal  – Sits alone on Climate School Strike




At age 15, Greta is now capable of analytical thinking. She takes a stand against climate change. Her SA Sun and Chiron have reached her Midheaven and also conjoining her natal Mercury. Her SA Neptune is conjoining her natal Uranus in Aquarius and squaring her Venus in Scorpio. Her SA North Node in 1st house is conjoining her PoF and natal Saturn. She has decided that she alone (Saturn) will make a stand by going on strike for climate change. 

I welcome any comments re Greta’s rectified birth time. Of course, any public announcement of her exact birth time, would be a huge bonus for mundane astrological work and help shed light on how her original idea of “Student Strike for Climate” will evolve in the future.

Blessings to you Greta,

Veronica Chlap- Astroscribe.

Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions to Donald Trump’s natal chart from May – Dec 2018.


Many astrologers are talking about how Trump is entering into a very lucky period with his progressed (p) Venus meeting his natal (n) Jupiter Retrograde (R) at 17’27 deg Libra in his 2nd house.

This hit will be in effect before 1 May 2018 – and beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 14 June 2018 (yes his birthday) and denotes, other than love and marriage, becoming popular, film star mannerisms.

Taking a closer look at his chart, his natal Jupiter R, is actually midpoint his natal Sun and Pluto, (pursuit of happiness and fortune).

However, Trump’s n Pluto is mid-point his Saturn and Mars, denoting brutality, rage and fury of destruction.

So during this lucky p Venus, n Jupiter meet up, we also have p Venus midpoint n Sun and Sat/Mar midpoint and n Jupiter midpoint Sun and the Sat/Mars midpoint.

Trump's progressions 2018


The Saturn/Mars midpoint (harmful or destructive energy) will certainly place a dampener on any benefits gained from the lucky Venus/Jupiter conjunction.

As Jupiter has always been midpoint Sun/Pluto and consequently the Saturn/Mars midpoint in his chart, it highlights how his successes have often turned into bankruptcies.

Also note how his solar arc or directed (sa) ascendant is coming to square his natal Pluto. This hit comes into orb on 5 September 2018 – and goes beyond 1 Jan 2019. This hit by square will be the first in his lifetime when his person (ascendant) meets up with the restrictive saturn/mars (advancement difficult, obstacles caused by other people, illness, separation, mourning). He had a sextile by  sa ascendant to his natal Pluto and Sat/Mars midpoint in his early 40’s, but now at age 72 the square has formed


Brief comments on other secondary progressions and solar arc directions.


Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, Progressed Mars is Sextile Natal Pluto

Progressed Mars in Libra, 2nd house, making positive aspect to Natal Pluto in 12th house, which is always midpoint Sat/Mars. He will make a huge effort to cover up his past shady dealings.

Before 1 May 2018 – 11 June 2018, Directed Pluto is Trine Natal Uranus

Directed Pluto in Libra, 2nd house, making positive aspect to natal Uranus in 10th house. This is ending on 11th June, will his impact on the office of President and the changes he has made taper off now…

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 8 May 2018, Directed Moon is in Opposition to Natal Ascendant

His affairs with women and difficulties with women and his wife will generate more conflict, disagreement.

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 14 June 2018, Progressed Venus is Conjunct Natal Jupiter

See comments above.

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 23 June 2018, Directed Uranus is Conjunct Natal Mars

This one is huge, sudden revelations will continue to pour out regarding his hidden (12th house) dealings. He will continue to shock and create disruption and always be highly agitated. Uranus/Mars combinations are also indicative of car accidents and other accidents in general.

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 27 June 2018, Directed Ascendant is Trine Natal Mercury

He will continue to use social media to get his message across…His sa ascendant is now as 8-9 deg Scorpio in his 3rd house of communication…His approach (ascendant) is do or die (Scorpio) or on the war path to achieve his nationalistic aspirations ( n Mercury in Cancer in 11th house). 

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 19 August 2018, Directed Mercury is Square Natal Uranus

He will continue to do his duty (sa Mercury in Virgo) in implementing/communicating  his shocking  (Uranus) ideas  to his base, but he might hit a snag, as the square denotes difficulties.

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 6 October 2018, Directed Moon’s North Node is Conjunct Natal Ascendant

The formation of an important personal connection. He will probably meet up with Kim Jong-un. Note: 24th May 2018 – Meeting with Kim Jong-Un cancelled. As his natal Part of Fortune, opposes his ascendant 28 Aq, and his sa Moon also now at 0 deg Pisces opposes his sa North Node and natal Ascendant, this meeting was called off…

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 16 November 2018, Progressed Venus is Trine Natal Uranus

This one is very interesting as it ties in with the p Venus/n Jupiter R conjunction.

Natally his Uranus makes a Saturn/Pluto, Mars/Neptune midpoint aspect which makes fulfilling the promise of this trine difficult. However, his natal Jupiter/Uranus trine, has always got him out of trouble, as it is the “Thank the Lord” aspect.  With the lessening of the p Venus/ n Jupiter R conjunction due to the Saturn/Mars midpoint, combined with the sa Asc to Pluto which also has the Saturn/Mars midpoint aspect, we can only speculate how his “lucky aspects” will turn out. Perhaps this time, not as expected.

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 7 December 2018, Directed Jupiter is Trine Natal Mars

This is a lucky aspect, and his sa Jupiter falls in his 4th house of family, trining his Mars in 12th. If all goes belly up, he could negotiate a good deal for him and his family… In any case he will continue to benefit his family business..

5 September 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, Directed Ascendant is Square your Natal Pluto

See above

15 September 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, Directed Venus is Conjunct Natal R Neptune

He will continue to cover up his foreign/political business ties…His natal Neptune R in Libra makes many midpoints in his chart, one stands out, Neptune midpoint Sun/Jupiter, which is the signature of “the crook”.  At present we are witnessing how his past ties with the shady world are coming to the fore. More to come here, as the many midpoints his retrograde natal Neptune makes are too numerous to mention at this point. His natal Neptune R only makes 1 aspect in his natal chart, a separating square to Mercury. With sa Venus coming up to conjunct his natal Neptune – disillusionment will reign.


As mentioned before in my posts on Trump’s chart, his Pluto midpoint Saturn/Mars is the most difficult in the chart. Now at age 72 his ascendant will square this midpoint, and create some very challenging times for him, given his natal Pluto is in his 12th house of “self-undoing”, secretive dealings and in mundane astrology, hidden enemies. 

Given he has other “benign” aspects by secondary progression and solar arc, how will these counteract his other “malefic” aspects? To my mind the saying “count your losses and run” would now be the wisest course of action. 

President SBY suspending cooperation with Australia on people smuggling, until he gets an official response from Tony Abbott.


The announcement that SBY was suspending cooperation with Australia, came through on 20 Nov 2013 at 5.13 pm AEDT.

Spying fall out

The T moon was directly opposite, TA’s Venus (Venus return in his SR chart!)

Read more about TA’s natal chart and his Venus return. His Venus falls on Australia’s Mercury/Chiron and opposite our Neptune.

The T Moon in Gemini (communication) also fell directly on our Neptune and opposite Australia’s Mercury/Chiron in Sagittarius which is an aspect of intrigue, spying and miscommunication, especially with foreign powers!

Transiting Pluto is now exactly conjunct Australia’s Sun in Capricorn. (Ebertin – Martyr of own ideas. The desire to exercise power, the craving for rulership and disadvantages through the former.)[1]

Mr Abbott’s ascendant squares this conjunction!

Transiting Mars fell in Australia’s 7th house of national “friends and enemies”. (I use the National chart relocated to Canberra which has a 12 deg Pisces Ascendant.)

Mr Abbott needs to quickly learn a lesson in diplomatic communication styles, especially relating to the South-East Asian culture! His handling of this matter has directly placed his political policies (stopping the boats) in jeopardy.  It is an amazing example of “foot in mouth”, but not surprising when looking at his natal chart.

[1] Ebertin, R. The Combination of Stellar Influences, AFA, 1994. P86