Rectified Natal Chart for Greta Thunberg


Rectification work for Greta Thunberg’s natal chart. 

There is no exact birth time for Greta Thunberg’s chart. This post goes through the Solar Arc (SA) charts I have used to do rectification work on her chart. Many of the Solar Arc hits to her natal planets do, however, tell the general narrative of her young life, regardless of her exact birth time.  (Click on charts to expand.)

Birth time estimated at 12:54 pm on 3 Jan 2003, Stockholm, Sweden.


The ruler of her chart, Mercury R, sits on the Midheaven (public standing/status). Mercury will go direct by progression when she is 21/22. Her father is  a Gemini, and often children have ascendants similar to their parents Sun signs.

The chart has activity in the upper half, denoting Greta taking her place in the outside world. Her passionate Venus/Mars conjunction in Scorpio, in 6th house, square her N Uranus in Aquarius, (hopes/wishes/causes) denotes her passion directed to a cause, namely climate change which is a 6th house matter.

Her N Jupiter R in Leo is trine N Pluto in Sagittarius, gives her the confidence and ability to speak up publicly and understand global issues. Her Moon in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, (earth/responsibility/discipline) is trine (positive) her natal Mars in Scorpio (transformative) also in 6th house of climate. She finds it easy to take action, and as her Mars is in a fixed sign, she has strong/fixed deep emotions about the climate.

Her Chiron (wound) in Capricorn, is conjunct the Sun in Capricorn, in 8th house, which would give her “existential angst”. Chiron is also semi-square her Uranus/Venus square – she would be compelled to make climate action her cause, as she sees it as a direct threat to her existence/life (8th house).

Solar arc Jan 2011 to Natal  – 8 years old, first heard about climate change.

At age 8 she received instruction on climate change. Her SA Ascendant was approaching her natal Saturn, the planet of responsibility. Her natal Sun also conjoined her Moon in 9th house, of global issues, world view, big picture ideas. The SA North Node, also conjoins her Ascendant. She has been “enlightened”. However, as her Ascendant is quinqunx (150 deg) her natal Sun, it releases her existential fears, as it activates her Sun semi-square Venus and Uranus.

Solar Arc 2014 to Natal –  Illness diagnosed

Her Illness is diagnosed, when SA Mercury conjoins with her Natal Neptune in the sign of Aquarius. Her SA Neptune is also coming to square her natal Mars in Scorpio in 6th house, also the house of illness. Mercury, Neptune hits are common in nervous disorders and would account for her “muteness” going into a world of her own. Her SA Venus, which is semi-square Chiron natally, is again activated, as it is conjoining her South Node in 6th house. 

Solar Arc August 2018 to Natal  – Sits alone on Climate School Strike




At age 15, Greta is now capable of analytical thinking. She takes a stand against climate change. Her SA Sun and Chiron have reached her Midheaven and also conjoining her natal Mercury. Her SA Neptune is conjoining her natal Uranus in Aquarius and squaring her Venus in Scorpio. Her SA North Node in 1st house is conjoining her PoF and natal Saturn. She has decided that she alone (Saturn) will make a stand by going on strike for climate change. 

I welcome any comments re Greta’s rectified birth time. Of course, any public announcement of her exact birth time, would be a huge bonus for mundane astrological work and help shed light on how her original idea of “Student Strike for Climate” will evolve in the future.

Blessings to you Greta,

Veronica Chlap- Astroscribe.