Meghan, Duchess of Sussex – relocated birth chart to London.


Megans chart Meghan, Duchess of Sussex relocation chart London

Relocated charts have a place in astrology. Whether you place more importance on your natal chart drawn up for your birth location, or follow your relocated chart, it is generally considered to use both when considering full interpretations. This is especially true when the person relocates “permanently” or for lengthy periods.

In any case, looking at your relocated chart when you change your residence, especially by great distances is worth doing, as the planets fall into different houses, thus changing the vibration of the natal chart.

Of course all your planetary positions and their aspects stay the same, but importantly your angles, the Ascendant, Descendant, IC and Midheaven change. These angles and the new aspects they make are considered very important, as angles bring in the energy from the outside world and these energies are felt, especially if hit up by transits.

The most notable change we see in the relocated chart, is her Leo Sun changing from her first house of self, to her 10th house of status. Wow, yes without a doubt her status has changed, she is now the Duchess of Sussex! The sign of Leo is always associated with Royalty and now she is married to a British Royal Prince, the Duke of Sussex.

This movement of the Sun is followed by her natal Mercury also in Leo, and in London is conjunct the apex of the chart the most prominent point of any chart, denoting worldly status, worldly recognition.

Her ideas (Mercury) and her radiance (Sun) have now been elevated to the highest platform from which she can project her ideas. There is no better position than this for the Royals to use their privileged position in society, to disseminate their ideas and make an impact on the world.

As both the Sun and Mercury make a positive aspect to the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter all in the sign of Libra (partnerships) it goes without saying that she will team up with the Duke and both will be a powerful force in humanitarian causes (11th house).

Her relocated Venus in Virgo also now falls in the 11th house, and positively aspected to her Mars in Cancer in the 9th house.  Her hopes and wishes (11th house) will be fulfilled by the man (Mars) in her life, born in a foreign country (9th house). Together they will get passionately (Venus/Mars) involved in humanitarian (11th) issues and disseminate these globally (9th). With her Venus in Virgo and Mars in Cancer – I would assume issues such as the environment, animals, climate change, health (Virgo), as well as issues surrounding women and children (Cancer) will all be on the agenda.

Also of great note is her North Node in the Royal sign of Leo, now also positioned in this 9th house of grand visions, justice, foreign cultures. The north node usually suggests Karma in a chart, the point in the chart where you have to fulfil your life’s journey.

So she has fulfilled her life karma by marrying into Royalty (Leo) and has been given the opportunity to use her elevated position to globally influence the world with her/their visions (9th house).

Prince Harry and Meghan’s synastry by planets in Houses


Meghan smallMeghan’s Planets in Harry’s Houses harry small

Her Sun is in his 7th House

This is a classic partnership combination. You recognise just how important Meghan is in your life. It is as if you and she are meant for one another. She lights up your life and shows you what relationships are all about – for better or worse.

Her Moon is in his 8th House

When it comes to managing your joint finances Meghan’s instincts should always be heeded. If she has a good or a bad feeling about anything that could change your financial security, be sure to look into it more deeply. You will probably have arguments over money; however it is always better to be sure than sorry.

Her Mercury is in his 7th House

You think of Meghan as your partner and personal sounding board. There are things that you can say to her that only she can understand and appreciate. You are attracted to her intelligence and way of thinking. She stimulates you mentally and there is an ease of communication between you.

Her Venus is in his 8th House

There can be issues to contend with concerning joint resources and finances. It is important to establish some guidelines with regards to expenditure and to avoid high risk activities or investments. On the personal front, she can help you come to terms your most personal fears and anxieties.

Her Mars is in his 6th House

She may enthusiastically embrace the type of work you do and even help you with it in some capacity. However, she may have expectations of you that you find hard to meet. If this happens, watch that she doesn’t come to think less of you and begin to act against you. Unfortunately, you tend to be in a weakened position and your health could suffer.

Her Jupiter is in his 8th House

This is a good combination for business related activity. You may borrow money from one another or lend it to each other. Through Meghan’s efforts and abilities there is the possibility that you can prosper together and even gain a measure of wealth.

Her Saturn is in his 8th House

Money is an ongoing problem between you. She may try to control your joint finances, which can cause feelings of anxiety or resentment between you. There is a risk of financial hardship or getting into debt. Running a business together might not be a good idea.

Her Uranus is in his 10th House

Your direction in life suddenly came to a crossroad when you met her. All of a sudden you started considering alternative personal or professional options. She awakened you to a raft of possibilities and pointed out that there are numerous life-paths on offer to check out. Just one word of warning, don’t be in too much of a hurry to make radical changes to your life – be guided by your intuition first and foremost.

Her Neptune is in his 11th House

Your friends don’t quite know what to make of Meghan. To some of them she is charming and idealistic, while others think she is potentially deceitful or dishonest. Both assessments may be correct or completely off target. Trust your own instincts and give her the benefit of the doubt.

Her Pluto is in his 9th House

She can literally transform the way you see the world. She has strong beliefs and convictions that she may try to force on to you and other people. Her charisma is undeniable. You have to take care that you don’t adopt her ideals unwittingly.

Her Moon’s North Node is in his 7th House

Through her ideas and actions she teaches you the significance of personal relationships and partnerships.

Her Ascendant is in his 7th House

You ‘know’ this person. In Meghan, you recognise a buddy who could be that and more. You may be hanging out together for quite some time.

Her Midheaven is in his 2nd House

The financial aspirations you have are not dissimilar to Meghan’s. She appreciates the way you handle money and the attitude you have towards material possessions. It is possible that you may invest in a professional project she is involved in.


Megans chart

 Harry’s Planets in Megan’s Houses

His Sun is in her 3rd House

Communication is vital to this relationship. Harry encourages you to speak your mind and you will probably have many heart to heart discussions with each other. He may tend to initiate or dominate conversations. After all, he likes to be at the centre of attention. One of the best ways to keep things stimulating between you is to have the occasional short trip away together.

His Moon is in her 11th House

Here is someone who you can get close to and call a friend. He instinctively tunes into your needs and enjoys spending time with you. Quite possibly, you met each other in a social setting or through a mutual friend. He readily supports your ambitions and goals in life.

His Mercury is in her  2nd House

You and Harry talk a lot about financial and business matters. No doubt, he has many ideas on how you can spend or invest your money; just make sure that you are confident he knows what he’s talking about. If you do trust his abilities he can help you make good financial decisions.

His Venus is in her 4th House

Intimate candlelight dinners at home can be a real pleasure for you both. You enjoy being at home and are at your happiest when you’re involved in beautifying or improving the value of your property. Building a nest together is important to you.

His Mars is in her 5th House

Here is someone who you can be adventurous with in love. He knows how to push your romantic buttons – and let’s be honest – turn you on. You feel alive when you are together. Often, all you want to do is have fun and play. This is one love affair that will make an impact on you. However, be warned, there is the potential for being scarred if things go wrong – and they can.

His Jupiter is in her 6th House

He has a beneficial influence on your experience of work; he could even be your teacher in some kind of specialised field. You look after each other’s health needs and strive to live a healthy and happy life. You recognise the importance and benefits of a good diet and physical exercise.

His Saturn is in her 4th House

Living together in harmony might not be the easiest state to achieve. He tends to throw his weight around on the home front. He feels that he has to control or take charge of situations, even when it’s not wanted or required. His relationship with your family might not be all that it could be.

His Uranus is in her 5th House

There’s a good chance that your attraction to Harry took you by surprise and came upon you quite suddenly. You looked up one day and there he was. This is one of those ‘love at first sight’ affairs that tend to start and end quite abruptly. The key to your relationship is to live for the moment and enjoy the now.

His Neptune is in her 6th House

Your work may be a complete mystery to him. He might pretend to know what it is you do or appreciate its importance to you. There’s probably little point in trying to explain it to him though because it is not part of his reality. He may also have some difficulty understanding the attraction some people have to holistic healing practices.

His Pluto is in her 4th House

You can’t help but feel Harry’s presence in your domestic environment. If you live together – or even if you don’t – he manages to exercise a controlling influence around the home. Your family may find him a bit hard to take, as they see him as dominating and controlling.

His Moon’s North Node is in her 11th House

Through his ideas and actions he teaches you the value of friendship and social interaction.

His Ascendant is in her 6th House

Here is someone who has a correct grasp of what you’re trying to get done in life and he has just the right skills you’re looking for. He is always ready to lend a hand.

His Midheaven is in her 4th House

He has similar domestic goals as you. He understands how important home and family-life are to you.

Harrys chart

Summary: Overall seems harmonious and relates very much to how they came together.  They love each other, and have common interests, and share a love of home and family life. Harry a Virgoan, will appreciate the intellectual/communication side of the relationship, and Meghan, a Leo will appreciate the limelight she attracts through the Royal connection. His Saturn in her 4th house, highlights the obvious adjustments she must make in dealing with the Royal family and traditions. Meghan has a Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Libra, which falls in Harry’s 8th house. They will have to be circumspect about their joint finances, but as Saturn is exalted in Libra, they should be able to compromise. 

Source: Synastry by House interpretations taken from Janus 4.3, Astrology House.