Donald Trump’s chart – activation by Pluto, Nov 2017.


Donald Trump has been very busy on Twitter these last few days attracting national and international condemnation.

Today, 30th Nov 2017, we read his latest Tweets where he retweets far right videos which peddle lies and stoke tensions. His Tweet on Matt Lauer who lost his job over sexual harassment allegations, also bringing up accusations against Joe Scarborough, and his tweet insulting the Navajo veterans with his “Pocahontas” joke. He also revived his Obama birther conspiracy and claimed the Access Hollywood tape as fake, as well as numerous outbursts claiming the media as “fake news”.

Just what is going on in his chart? Below is the quad dial, which quickly shows up the 8th harmonic aspects, conjunctions, squares, etc., in other words it tells you where the action is.

Before going into the details, one has to point out that his natal planet Pluto in Leo, makes a very difficult midpoint in his chart, namely Saturn midpoint Mars in his 12th house.

Ebertin describes this Pluto=Sat/Mars, as “Brutality, the rage of fury or destruction…“. (Ebertin continues, but it is too dire to write.) Astrology House gives a more modern interpretation of this midpoint, “Demonstrating the will and intent to meet specific challenges; to completely master and overcome an arduous situation. Defiance; refusing to back down or give in under pressure. Build ups of stress and aggression which are prone to periodic and powerful release. The activation of survival instincts. An awareness of the destructive forces of ‘man and nature’. Harmful elements. Collective loss and anguish.”

Remember this midpoint is constantly in his chart, and this modern interpretation very accurately describes Trump’s hidden urges, as his Pluto is in the 12th house of “self-undoing.”

His natal Pluto also makes a Venus/Mars midpoint, “A deeply passionate and sensual nature. Charisma. Sexual magnetism. Obsessing about someone – or something. Fanaticism. Compulsive urges; giving in to temptation.


Donald Trump quad wheel 1 30 Nov 2017

The Quad dial shows his natal (N) chart as the inner chart, then moving out, his solar arc (SA) progressions, secondary progressions (SP)as 3rd wheel and the outer wheel are the daily transits (T).

Starting with his natal Jupiter R in Libra, it is conjunct SA Pluto, the planet which makes the Sat/Mars midpoint and according to Ebertin, Jupiter=Sat/Mars, “The ability to destroy or eliminate something thoroughly”. This point in his chart is also squared by T Pluto and for a short time opposed by T Moon. The combination of these planets, given that Pluto is in his 12th house, is a powerful release of all his survival instincts to counteract his feared loss of power, or his guilty conscious working to the max in regard to his secret sex life…(Pluto also midpoint Mars/Venus) and other business dealings Sat/Mars.

Note: His N Jupiter R is very important in his chart, as it trines his N Uranus in the 10th which opposes his Moon, which sextiles N Jupiter. It forms the major aspect responsible for his business success/advancement/ status.

Moving on to his natal Saturn/Venus in Cancer. SP Jupiter is midpointing his natal Saturn/Venus and both of these planets are aspected by T Mars and T Uranus. His love life is in a big mess, perhaps he has broken up with his latest fling. (I am assuming here that his marriage is now one of convenience only…)

Moving on to his natal Pluto=Sat/Mars and Venus/Mars, it is being squared by T Jupiter from his 3rd house, activating Social Media (3rd house) to express his frustrations and anger… again stirred up by his deep hidden secrets of his 12th house…

The transiting Sat/Mars on 30th Nov, will activate his MC, so he is finding it necessary to endure overcoming difficulties. With this aspect, he may find he makes little progress. Saturn/Mars is usually interpreted as “one step forward and 2 backwards…”.

The major aspect is the transiting Pluto in Capricorn activating his natal Jupiter R, as well as the SA Pluto to his Jupiter, the first aspect mentioned above. This has been going on all year, as T Pluto has hovered around the 17 deg off and on, but should move off after Christmas although there is a brief retrograde period of Pluto on 18 deg (still within orb) in September-November 2018.

The world is feeling the tension and frustration projected by this President…something has to give before or shortly after Christmas, and again in late 2018.  If not we have to wait until 2020 when Pluto has moved to square his Natal Saturn.



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