Mercury (the trickster) planet in Trump’s natal chart.


Mercury, the trickster planet plays a huge influence in Trump’s natal chart.

His Gemini Sun conjunct Uranus opposes his Sagittarius Moon. The ruler of his Moon sign, Jupiter forms a sextile with the Moon and Jupiter also trines his Sun/Uranus conjunction. His Sun also forms a trine with his Part of Fortune in Aquarius. His Moon also trines Mars which in turn sextiles his Sun.Without a doubt he has used this pattern to his advantage and gained wealth and now power.

The ruler of his Gemini Sun and Uranus is Mercury. Mercury is in the sign of Cancer, the ruler being the Moon which opposes his Sun/Uranus. So the trickster planet Mercury plays a role in his Sun/Moon opposition which activates the success/wealth, power pattern outlined above. Note also that the Gemini Sun is in his 10th house of integrity. The moon in his 4th house suggests to me that this trickster pattern is in his ancestry, which is revealed when looking at his Father’s and Grandfather’s business lives/patterns.

Let’s look closer at his Mercury aspects.

(Interpretations taken from Ebertin, The Combination of Stellar Influences. They are mostly negative due to the mostly hard aspects involved.)

Mercury square Neptune – tendency to tell lies, untruthful, wrong thinking, confused ideas.

Mercury semi-square Mars – rashness, exaggeration, quarrelling.

Mercury semi-sextile Pluto – over estimation of self, impatience, slyness and cunning. 

Mercury square Chiron – “I did it my way, that is their theme song.” Yes,not kidding taken from Zane B. Stein, Essence and Application A View from Chiron. p 43. (Trump and his wife danced to this tune at his inaugural ball.)

 Mercury semi-square MC- ego conscious acting.

Pluto in Leo, ruler Sun in Gemini ruled by Mercury (another tie in with the Sun/Moon opposition) and Mars in Leo – again connection to the Gemini Sun, are in the 12th house.

With Mercury’s aspects to both of these 12th house planets, it is without a doubt that deals will be done in back rooms or in secret. The 12th house is also associated with crime and is ruled by the Sun – again involving the Sun/Moon opposition.

As Mercury is in his 11th house natally, he likes “doing deals” with friends behind “closed doors”, or in “secret”, (12th house), not to mention “shady characters” which are associated with this house.

If he has overstepped the legal line in the past, he has gotten away with it – something his natal chart suggests, considering the trine aspects of Jupiter to Sun and Uranus and Moon sextile to Jupiter.

But he is no longer a shady businessman, he is the President. The norms have changed.

But can he change the Mercurial influence in his chart?


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