Negotiate with others to achieve results – Ingress chart into Libra 2014



This explanation of the Libra Ingress chart 2014, Canberra, Australia is based on the strictures of William Ramsey taken from his work, Astrologia  Munda: A 17th Century study in the Ancient Art of Mundane Astrology, edited and annotated by Steven Birchfield A.M.A, 2006.

When the word King is used, it denotes those in authority which in our case is the Prime Minister, Mr Tony Abbott
Ingress Libra 2014 with aspects



1.     Look at the condition of all planets.

Sun in Libra, 9th house is in fall (the Sun is not comfortable in this sign, and therefore does not act in its most positive form).

Venus (ruler of Sun) is in Virgo and in fall (Venus is not comfortable in this sign, and therefore does not act in its most positive form).

Venus is under the Sun’s beams, (usb) which implies that the planet Venus does not live up to its usual expectations.

Venus, ruler of the Sun is conjunct the Moon which is also usb in the 9th house.

Jupiter is in Leo in the 8th house, squaring (friction) Saturn in 11th house, however, sextiles the Midheaven and sextiles and trines the nodes.

Mars is in 11th House in Sagittarius, and sextiles (opportunity) the Midheaven (MH) and the Sun.

Mercury is in Libra in the 10th house and the only planet in the angles of the chart. It conjuncts the North Node, opposes the South Node and squares the Ascendant (Asc).

Saturn is in Scorpio and sextiles the Ascendant, Moon and Venus and squares Jupiter. Saturn rules the planetary hour of the chart.

Assessing the condition of the planets and their placements in the houses, the Ingress chart does not suggest new action, but denotes a continuation of matters already set in action in previous months.

As the planets are all in the upper half of the chart, it seems the government, headed by the Prime Minister (Sun and Mercury) will make a mark in the wider world, with foreign affairs (9th house), and military matters (Mars) taking centre stage. With the communications planet Mercury in the sign of Libra (relationships and negotiations) the chart has an overall theme of “negotiating with others to achieve results”.


2.    Look at state or condition of the King (Sun) and 10th house rulers and planets.

First determine the planet to represent the King – Ramsey always uses the Sun but others don’t.

Ruler of 10th house is Venus (in fall and under the suns beams) so is in bad condition and cannot be the planet to represent the King.

Mercury in 10th house, angular house, square ascendant and conjunct/opposite the Nodes.  mercurysymbolcolor

This is the planet which represents the King or Prime Minister in this Ingress chart. 

Mercury here indicates that the Prime Minister will be very much engaged with discussions (Mercury) and negotiations with others (Libra).

As Mercury also rules scholars and learning, we can expect lots of friction with the people (Asc) regarding the proposed changes to the Higher Education laws, as Mercury squares the ascendant.

The North Node is also conjunct Mercury and with Jupiter in Leo sextiling the North Node, the PM can expect some success with his negotiations, although he will be challenged (opposition to South Node which is trine Jupiter) to adopt a compromise to achieve this success.

As Ramsey always considers the Sun as the planet representing the King, we find  the Sun in Libra in the  9th house , in fall, sextile Mars and trine ascendant.

This placement of the Sun also supports the above theme, that the PM will be involved in negotiations/relationships (Libra) with leaders (Sun) of foreign countries (Russia, USA etc) 9th house. As the Sun makes positive aspects to Mars and trines the ascendant, he will make progress in this area, however, it may be lots of hard work with some, (Sun in fall) and with Mars involved, we may even expect that our troops may see more involvement in foreign countries.

The involvement of the Ascendant in this positive aspect to the Sun, indicates that the nation as a whole will support his actions in foreign affairs and troop involvement.

3. Threat to King                                                  marssymbolcolor

Ramsey tell us to  look at the significators of the 4 th House, opposition to the 10th,  7th house of open enemies, 12th house of private enemies and 9th house of secret enemies (12th from 10th).

  •  The 4th house ruler is Mars in Sagittarius, in 11th house. Backbenchers of the House of Representatives (11th house) will give the Prime Minister some opposition, and succeed as Mars sextiles the Sun.
  • 7th house of open enemies, the ruler is the Moon, which is conjunct Venus in 9th both usb, sextile Saturn, and Trine the Part of Fortune and the Ascendant.

Open enemies will certainly try and disrupt policies of the Prime Minister, with limited success though, as their power is somewhat curtailed due to the Moon and Venus being under the Sun’s beams, which “burns up” the energy of these planets and Venus is in fall.

The Moon is trine Part of Fortune in 12th house of private enemies, so we may also find that some “secret” regarding the Prime Minister is revealed. With the moon involved, we may find that the misogyny issue which haunts Tony Abbott may again come to the fore.

  • 12th house of private enemies, the ruler is Jupiter in Leo in 8th house.

Private enemies, might abound as Jupiter rules this house and makes a few positive aspects to the Nodes, however, they will be blocked by Saturn which is making a square to Jupiter.

  • 9th house of secret enemies ruler is Mercury, which is in Libra in 10th house..

The 9th house is a focus point in this Ingress chart, as it contains the Sun which is the planet representing the PM and is ruled by Mercury, also the planet representing the PM. Will he be his own worst enemy and/or will he find that foreign rulers are secretly playing him for a fool. He has to be very cautious when dealing with the heads of foreign governments and certainly needs good advice. As the Moon and Venus are both in this house and both under the Sun’s beams, which denotes that their energy is “burnt up”, and consequently not working at its best, we can assume that his secret enemies do not have his best interests at heart.

4. Assistance to King.

2nd house signifies wealth and assistance of people, as does 11th house, 8th assistance wealth of open enemies.

  • 2nd house ruler is Saturn in Scorpio in 11th.                   saturnsymbolcolor

Saturn is in the 11th house, which is the house representing the Lower House of Parliament, in our case the House of Representatives (HR)in mundane astrology. As the present government has a majority in this House, it can be expected that overall the HR will support the Prime Minister. The members of his party will support all his efforts in foreign affair matters, given Saturn makes a sextile to the Moon and Venus in the 9th house. However, Saturn also makes a square to Jupiter in the 8th house, so we can expect some friction from his members in the Lower House regarding fiscal matters.


  • 11th house ruler is Mars which is in Sagittarius in 11th house


Mars (the planet of war) is sextile the Sun and MC, so members of the HR will support the Prime Minister, in deploying our troops overseas.

  • 8th house ruler is Sun which is in 9th house


As previously mentioned our Prime Minister will shine in foreign relations (9th house) during this Ingress period and will have the full support of his Parliamentary colleagues for any decisions made regarding these matters.


5.    Look at the condition of the ruler of the people.

Ruler of the People is the ruler of Asc and the Moon.   moonsymbolcolor

Saturn is the ruler of the Ascendant which is in 11th house in Scorpio and square Jupiter in Leo in 8th house. It is also sextile Venus in fall and Moon in Virgo in the 9th house which are both under the Suns beams.

This indicates that the people will not be happy with interest rates (Jupiter 8th), and suggests that there may be a rise in interest rates, due to lower (square friction) export earnings. The people will continue to be unhappy (square) about the national debt and the recent budget measures (8th house).

As Saturn is also the ruler of the 2nd house in the Ingress chart, there may be changes to taxes and overall the economy is still depressed.

The promised (Jupiter) changes to the economy (Saturn) do not fulfil the people’s expectations.

Moon is in Virgo in 9th house, under the sun’s beams, and conjunct Venus in fall and also under the sun’s beams, sextile Saturn in 11th and trine the Asc and Part of Fortune in 12th.

Issues regarding travel, foreign affairs and tertiary education will come to the fore. The people will have expectations (Moon conjunct Venus) regarding these issues, and will be somewhat successful in making their voices heard.

With Saturn in 11th house (House of Representatives, HR), will the backbenchers side with the people rather than with the PM?

As the Moon also represents women/children, the backbenchers may also have success (sextile aspect) in changing the Parental Leave initiatives (Virgo is the natural ruler of 6th house of workers conditions).

The above aspects also show that the people will not accept the co-payment fee to General Practitioners, as the natural house of Virgo is the 6th which also rules health issues.

As Saturn is making the square (friction) to Jupiter (high expectations of abundance) in the 8th house, the recent budget (8th house) will continue to be unsupported by the people. The popular disapproval of the recent budgetary measures will also encourage backbenchers to take actions which go against the Government’s fiscal policies.


6.    Find the Lord of the Year to assess the condition of the people.


According to Ramsey, the Lord of the Year is the almuten of the chart. One is to take the planet in any condition and make assessment.

Mars is the Almuten of this Ingress chart which is in 11th house in Sagittarius.

Mars is sextile the MC and the Sun which is in fall.

It seems that as Mars represents soldiers/armed forces, they will be happy with any decisions made regarding deployment overseas. Their activities overseas should also be successful.

As Mars also sextiles (opportunity) the Sun which is in fall and in the 9th house, negotiations (Libra) with foreign rulers (Sun in 9th) will not be totally satisfactory.

Ramsey also states to look at the planet which is exalted in the sign of Lord of the Year.

As Mars is in Sagittarius, and the South node is exalted in Sagittarius, we find the South Node in the 4th house opposite Mercury in 10th and trine Jupiter and sextile the North Node in the chart.

To my mind this indicates that the people will support any moves from the opposition, (4th House) to oppose fiscal matters (8th house). In other words, the people support moves by all opposition (ALP, Greens, PUP) parties to oppose some of the harsher decisions of the recent Budget.

Also look to the natural Ruler of the house the Almuten is in.

The natural ruler of the 11th house, the sign of Aquarius is Saturn.

See above for delineation of Saturn in this house.

Other ancients would consider Mercury in Libra as the Lord of the Year– as it is the only planet in an angular house, in this case, if Mercury is regarded as Lord of the Year, the condition of the people will be assessed by Mercury which makes a square to the Ascendant and is conjunct/opposite the Nodes.

In the case of Mercury being the Lord of the Year, tradesmen, merchants and learning, should be considered. As mercury is square the Ascendant, and also the planet which represent the Ruler, ideas may well be a bit confused, and negotiations with others (Mercury in Libra), may not have positive outcomes for the Ruler. Hence, we may expect that negotiations surrounding the changes to the Higher Education laws may not have the expected outcomes.

Planet which is exalted in the sign of the Lord of the Year if Mercury.

As mercury is in Libra, Saturn is exalted in that sign. Saturn is in Scorpio in 11th house and is square Jupiter in Leo in 8th.

See above for delineation of Saturn.

It seems the planet Saturn, is heavily emphasised in this Ingress chart. So the theme of support for foreign affair matters (9th house) will prevail, as Saturn sextiles (opportunity) the Moon, Venus conjunction in Virgo in the 9th house.  Given the condition of Venus and the Moon, as previously mentioned, foreign relations will however,  not be without certain frictions.

As Saturn is also square (friction) to the 8th house Jupiter (fiscal matters), we can also expect friction surrounding the latest budget to continue.

This Ingress chart does not make any contact with the Solar/Lunar eclipses expected during the ingress period.

However, during November, the Venus, Sun and Mercury will all move and make contact with Saturn, so we can expect matters regarding the Budget to escalate during this month. Mercury and Venus also make contact with Mars during November and early December, which should denote positive times for the Prime Minister.




Ramsey, William, Astrologia  Munda: A 17th Century study in the Ancient Art of Mundane Astrology, edited and annotated by Steven Birchfield A.M.A, 2006.

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