Midpoint Report for Donald Trump Natal Chart Ascendant – Point of activation during Solar Eclipse 21 August 2017.


Donald Trump’s natal ascendant is at 29 deg 57 Leo. The solar eclipse of 21 August 2017 comes within 1deg of this point in his chart. His Ascendant and midpoints it makes will be activated during this eclipse period.

Below is the midpoint interpretation for his natal ascendant taken from From Janus Software 4.3 report www.astrology-house.com/


The Ascendant describes your personality and image, the face you show the world, and the nature of your personal and wider environment.

Ascendant = Mercury/Jupiter 

A positive outlook and manner. A good communicator and listener. Giving sound advice – appreciating different points of view. A balanced perspective. Good judgement. Knowing the right thing to say – at any given moment. Making smart and intelligent decisions in life. Philosophical and religious thoughts and discussions. Overseas contacts; travel. Lucrative business deals. Constructive and productive partnerships.

Ascendant = Uranus/Pluto 

An intense and restless personality. A compulsive urge to make changes. Pioneering and reformatory activity. Contending with stress and pressure; unpredictability within the environment. Contentious and destructive elements. Demanding and volatile partnerships. Erratic and fanatical behaviour – in self or others.

Ascendant = Saturn/Neptune 

Contending with restrictive and undermining situations; negative environmental influences. The tendency to worry or agonise over problems – real or imagined. An acutely sensitive disposition – physically and emotionally. Health issues. Elusive and escapist tendencies. Testing and enervating relationships. Finding peace and tranquillity in spiritual disciplines; benefits from meditation, yoga, tai chi. Creating a personal sanctuary. Caring for others – healing ability.

Ascendant = Pluto/Moon’s North Node 

An intense and magnetic personality. An authoritative presence; displaying leadership and organisational skills. Influential and powerful partnerships and connections in life. Dynamic and high-powered activity in conjunction with others. Manipulating others and being manipulated. Power struggles (with blood relatives).

Ascendant = Moon/Pluto 

A passionate nature. Fixating upon something or someone; compulsive and obsessive traits. The tendency to take things to extremes. Intense and dynamic partnerships. Manipulating others or being manipulated. Family power struggles. Domineering women. Contending with environmental pressures. A risk of bottling things up; emotional repression.

Ascendant = Venus/Neptune 

A soft-hearted personality. Dreaming of the ideal partner and lover. Idolising someone or being idolised. Vulnerability and susceptibility in love and sex life. Infatuations; secret affairs. An evasive and elusive nature. Deceptive and undermining relationships and environmental influences. Dependencies within partnerships. Addictive tendencies.

Ascendant = Mercury/Saturn 

A serious, reliable and conscientious nature. Keenly observant and cautious. A deep thinker; a logical person. Succinct communication. Knowing how to keep life simple; focusing on personal priorities. Reluctance; experiencing moments of distrust or hesitation. Being prone to negative trains of thought – reticence and suspicion. Neglecting someone or something. Separative influences.

Ascendant = Sun/Pluto

A charismatic and domineering personality. The desire to make a personal impact; to make one’s presence and intentions known. Dominating others or being dominated; enforcing one’s will. Becoming obsessed or fixated over something or someone. Intense and dramatic partnerships. Fanatical objectives and ambitions. Contending with physical coercion and manipulation. Destructive power struggles.