July Ingress, Australia, 21st June 2020. How are we going?


Last March, I did the Aries Ingress chart, concentrating on the impact of the Coronavirus. Let’s take a quick look at our Winter Ingress chart for July, to ascertain how we are going. I have used whole sign houses this time, as I think it gives an easier interpretation/overview of the house rulerships.

Some might notice the similarities with the Aries Ingress chart! Yes the MC and ASC are almost the same. Taking the planet ruling the 6th house (Virus), Jupiter, we now see that it is still in 7th house, however, it is now making a sextile to Mars, its conjoined planet at the Aries Ingress. That March Ingress conjunction gave us our strict lockdown, travel bans, and consequent job losses in a floundering economy.

This July Ingress sextile shows these restrictions easing, and here in Qld, we are heading towards the 3rd stage of “recovery” with most places opening and public gatherings up to 100. Note, as Mars is again the ruler of the MC (MC in Aries, the only fire sign in the chart) the Government is calling the shots, just like in March.

However, this ingress shows the Moon in Gemini, in 12th house, making an almost exact square to Mars in Pisces. The Moon indicates the people, their emotions, situation, and in a Mercury ruled sign, also their opinions. Hidden in the 12th house, there will be a call from the public to do more for those “suffering”. With Mars in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, the Government might be persuaded to assist those who are not on any safety net payment. Those working in the performing arts come to mind, as Mars rules the 5th house of entertainment. Issues regarding the longevity of the safety net payments, will also certainly come under scrutiny during this Ingress, as the 6mts will be coming to an end by the time of the 22/23 September, Spring Ingress which will tell us more.

The Ingress Mars will move into Aries on 29th June where it will stay for 6mts. This is an important placement. It conjoins the Aries Ingress Sun and squares the Sun of this ingress from the 10th house. The status of the PM (Sun) will come into the spotlight. What role will he play in global talks (WHO Review), how will the trade tensions with China progress? As Mars conjoined with Jupiter in 7th house last Ingress, will we see more progress or confusion on these fronts?

This Ingress the Sun is inconjunct (150 deg) Saturn R in Aquarius, placed in the 8th house. Our economy still needs considerable adjustment. As the inconjunct signifies change, release, letting go, many businesses will find themselves operating differently, in these early stages of “post-covid” times.

The Ingress Venus R in Gemini falls in the 12th house, and is applying by trine to Saturn R. This trine does not become exact, as Venus goes direct on 25th June, and Saturn continues its retrograde movement into Capricorn. Economic forecasts are guesstimates at best, nobody really knows what’s going on, even the Opposition (ruler of 4th house).  Venus makes no other aspects in the chart. Perhaps it’s best to wait until the Spring Ingress chart, when the budget comes down in October, to make some real sense of it.

9hrs after the Ingress, the Solar Eclipse occurs!! As the Sun represents our Prime Minister, expect the focus to remain on him during the next 6mts. As Scott Morrison’s noon natal chart, (no birth time) does not have any early cardinal planets, one can’t make an assessment on how the eclipse will affect him personally. However, he does have Chiron on 2 deg Aries? His Natal Ceres falls on 24 Libra, making a square to this Ingress Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn conjunction, so the way he uses his considerable powers to “look after/nurture” the nation can present a challenge.

The eclipse occurring so close to the July Ingress chart, does give this Ingress added strength and purpose. The only difference between the two events is the Moon conjoining the Sun, and of course the angles and house placements.

So let’s get back to a few more aspects in the July Ingress chart.


Of note is also that Mercury at 14 deg Cancer sits on the fixed star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky.. It is a dog star, and although it brings fame, honours, it does have a “bite” if things are overdone. As Mercury is retrograde, this is the star to watch. Mercury rules the 12th house of sorrow/hidden matters and the 3rd house of communications, all sorts, especially social media. Given Mercury is in mutual reception to the Moon, and the Moon squares Mars in Pisces, expect social media to break with all sorts of tweets/posts which will certainly have some “bite”. To censure or not to censure will become the narrative, as the old ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, is conjoined with Pluto, giving the social media giants plenty of power.

Overall, this Ingress sees us coming out of lockdown, with plenty of debate around how the Government handled the pandemic initially, how it will progress, and with a background theme of improving the plight of the “sufferers” (12th house).

Most importantly, especially coinciding with the Eclipse/Ingress Sun inconjunct Saturn, it will show us how we will or need to adjust to the increasingly obvious realisation of the emergence of a post pandemic world.