Covidsafe Release


The contact tracing app, Covidsafe, was released by the Australian Government, on 26th April, 2020, at 6pm, Canberra.

Contact tracing app release 26 April 2020, 6pm.

As we are still in the Aries Ingress chart period, I am comparing the Contact App release chart to the Aries Ingress Chart.

The Release chart Mercury conjoins with the Aries Ingress midheaven! Well that has to spell success!

Mercury rules the Ingress 3rd House and also the 12th House . Technology (3rd H) being used in a hidden way to manage virus (12th H).

The Moon conjoins with Venus, both in Gemini the in Release Chart, making a positive aspect (trine) to the Aries Ingress Moon in Aquarius. Use of the App is voluntary (Uranus/Aquarius), so this should appease those who have concerns. Our individual freedom of choice is taken care of. Alternatively, the messages of assisting to “beat the virus” in our community, “doing your bit”, are also covered.

The App has been touted as a tool to assist our “Health Detectives” in contact tracing, especially as we have now entered the Community Phase of tracking clusters and detecting Asymptomatic cases, making the 12th placement of this T conjunction in the Aries Ingress chart,  a very relevant house placement.

The Ingress chart Jupiter has now moved on to 26 deg Capricorn in the Release Chart and is making a challenging aspect (square), to the Aries Ingress Midheaven.

The Government has implied that use of the App can possibly bring the lifting of imposed restrictions forward, so many are taking a punt (Jupiter) on this prospect, or alternatively due to the challenge associated with the square aspect, does it promise (Jupiter) more than it delivers? Time will tell…