Meghan, Duchess of Sussex – relocated birth chart to London.


Megans chart Meghan, Duchess of Sussex relocation chart London

Relocated charts have a place in astrology. Whether you place more importance on your natal chart drawn up for your birth location, or follow your relocated chart, it is generally considered to use both when considering full interpretations. This is especially true when the person relocates “permanently” or for lengthy periods.

In any case, looking at your relocated chart when you change your residence, especially by great distances is worth doing, as the planets fall into different houses, thus changing the vibration of the natal chart.

Of course all your planetary positions and their aspects stay the same, but importantly your angles, the Ascendant, Descendant, IC and Midheaven change. These angles and the new aspects they make are considered very important, as angles bring in the energy from the outside world and these energies are felt, especially if hit up by transits.

The most notable change we see in the relocated chart, is her Leo Sun changing from her first house of self, to her 10th house of status. Wow, yes without a doubt her status has changed, she is now the Duchess of Sussex! The sign of Leo is always associated with Royalty and now she is married to a British Royal Prince, the Duke of Sussex.

This movement of the Sun is followed by her natal Mercury also in Leo, and in London is conjunct the apex of the chart the most prominent point of any chart, denoting worldly status, worldly recognition.

Her ideas (Mercury) and her radiance (Sun) have now been elevated to the highest platform from which she can project her ideas. There is no better position than this for the Royals to use their privileged position in society, to disseminate their ideas and make an impact on the world.

As both the Sun and Mercury make a positive aspect to the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter all in the sign of Libra (partnerships) it goes without saying that she will team up with the Duke and both will be a powerful force in humanitarian causes (11th house).

Her relocated Venus in Virgo also now falls in the 11th house, and positively aspected to her Mars in Cancer in the 9th house.  Her hopes and wishes (11th house) will be fulfilled by the man (Mars) in her life, born in a foreign country (9th house). Together they will get passionately (Venus/Mars) involved in humanitarian (11th) issues and disseminate these globally (9th). With her Venus in Virgo and Mars in Cancer – I would assume issues such as the environment, animals, climate change, health (Virgo), as well as issues surrounding women and children (Cancer) will all be on the agenda.

Also of great note is her North Node in the Royal sign of Leo, now also positioned in this 9th house of grand visions, justice, foreign cultures. The north node usually suggests Karma in a chart, the point in the chart where you have to fulfil your life’s journey.

So she has fulfilled her life karma by marrying into Royalty (Leo) and has been given the opportunity to use her elevated position to globally influence the world with her/their visions (9th house).

Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions to Donald Trump’s natal chart from May – Dec 2018.


Many astrologers are talking about how Trump is entering into a very lucky period with his progressed (p) Venus meeting his natal (n) Jupiter Retrograde (R) at 17’27 deg Libra in his 2nd house.

This hit will be in effect before 1 May 2018 – and beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 14 June 2018 (yes his birthday) and denotes, other than love and marriage, becoming popular, film star mannerisms.

Taking a closer look at his chart, his natal Jupiter R, is actually midpoint his natal Sun and Pluto, (pursuit of happiness and fortune).

However, Trump’s n Pluto is mid-point his Saturn and Mars, denoting brutality, rage and fury of destruction.

So during this lucky p Venus, n Jupiter meet up, we also have p Venus midpoint n Sun and Sat/Mar midpoint and n Jupiter midpoint Sun and the Sat/Mars midpoint.

Trump's progressions 2018


The Saturn/Mars midpoint (harmful or destructive energy) will certainly place a dampener on any benefits gained from the lucky Venus/Jupiter conjunction.

As Jupiter has always been midpoint Sun/Pluto and consequently the Saturn/Mars midpoint in his chart, it highlights how his successes have often turned into bankruptcies.

Also note how his solar arc or directed (sa) ascendant is coming to square his natal Pluto. This hit comes into orb on 5 September 2018 – and goes beyond 1 Jan 2019. This hit by square will be the first in his lifetime when his person (ascendant) meets up with the restrictive saturn/mars (advancement difficult, obstacles caused by other people, illness, separation, mourning). He had a sextile by  sa ascendant to his natal Pluto and Sat/Mars midpoint in his early 40’s, but now at age 72 the square has formed


Brief comments on other secondary progressions and solar arc directions.


Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, Progressed Mars is Sextile Natal Pluto

Progressed Mars in Libra, 2nd house, making positive aspect to Natal Pluto in 12th house, which is always midpoint Sat/Mars. He will make a huge effort to cover up his past shady dealings.

Before 1 May 2018 – 11 June 2018, Directed Pluto is Trine Natal Uranus

Directed Pluto in Libra, 2nd house, making positive aspect to natal Uranus in 10th house. This is ending on 11th June, will his impact on the office of President and the changes he has made taper off now…

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 8 May 2018, Directed Moon is in Opposition to Natal Ascendant

His affairs with women and difficulties with women and his wife will generate more conflict, disagreement.

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 14 June 2018, Progressed Venus is Conjunct Natal Jupiter

See comments above.

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 23 June 2018, Directed Uranus is Conjunct Natal Mars

This one is huge, sudden revelations will continue to pour out regarding his hidden (12th house) dealings. He will continue to shock and create disruption and always be highly agitated. Uranus/Mars combinations are also indicative of car accidents and other accidents in general.

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 27 June 2018, Directed Ascendant is Trine Natal Mercury

He will continue to use social media to get his message across…His sa ascendant is now as 8-9 deg Scorpio in his 3rd house of communication…His approach (ascendant) is do or die (Scorpio) or on the war path to achieve his nationalistic aspirations ( n Mercury in Cancer in 11th house). 

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 19 August 2018, Directed Mercury is Square Natal Uranus

He will continue to do his duty (sa Mercury in Virgo) in implementing/communicating  his shocking  (Uranus) ideas  to his base, but he might hit a snag, as the square denotes difficulties.

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 6 October 2018, Directed Moon’s North Node is Conjunct Natal Ascendant

The formation of an important personal connection. He will probably meet up with Kim Jong-un. Note: 24th May 2018 – Meeting with Kim Jong-Un cancelled. As his natal Part of Fortune, opposes his ascendant 28 Aq, and his sa Moon also now at 0 deg Pisces opposes his sa North Node and natal Ascendant, this meeting was called off…

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 16 November 2018, Progressed Venus is Trine Natal Uranus

This one is very interesting as it ties in with the p Venus/n Jupiter R conjunction.

Natally his Uranus makes a Saturn/Pluto, Mars/Neptune midpoint aspect which makes fulfilling the promise of this trine difficult. However, his natal Jupiter/Uranus trine, has always got him out of trouble, as it is the “Thank the Lord” aspect.  With the lessening of the p Venus/ n Jupiter R conjunction due to the Saturn/Mars midpoint, combined with the sa Asc to Pluto which also has the Saturn/Mars midpoint aspect, we can only speculate how his “lucky aspects” will turn out. Perhaps this time, not as expected.

Before 1 May 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, strongest around 7 December 2018, Directed Jupiter is Trine Natal Mars

This is a lucky aspect, and his sa Jupiter falls in his 4th house of family, trining his Mars in 12th. If all goes belly up, he could negotiate a good deal for him and his family… In any case he will continue to benefit his family business..

5 September 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, Directed Ascendant is Square your Natal Pluto

See above

15 September 2018 – Beyond 1 Jan 2019, Directed Venus is Conjunct Natal R Neptune

He will continue to cover up his foreign/political business ties…His natal Neptune R in Libra makes many midpoints in his chart, one stands out, Neptune midpoint Sun/Jupiter, which is the signature of “the crook”.  At present we are witnessing how his past ties with the shady world are coming to the fore. More to come here, as the many midpoints his retrograde natal Neptune makes are too numerous to mention at this point. His natal Neptune R only makes 1 aspect in his natal chart, a separating square to Mercury. With sa Venus coming up to conjunct his natal Neptune – disillusionment will reign.


As mentioned before in my posts on Trump’s chart, his Pluto midpoint Saturn/Mars is the most difficult in the chart. Now at age 72 his ascendant will square this midpoint, and create some very challenging times for him, given his natal Pluto is in his 12th house of “self-undoing”, secretive dealings and in mundane astrology, hidden enemies. 

Given he has other “benign” aspects by secondary progression and solar arc, how will these counteract his other “malefic” aspects? To my mind the saying “count your losses and run” would now be the wisest course of action. 

Trump’s tweet 2 Dec 2017 points to his downfall. Yod – finger of God aspect is pointing to Algol, the fixed star of the “Demon”.


Take a look at the chart when Trump tweeted his now controversial tweet on 2 Dec 2017, at 12.14 pm. (EST)*

“I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has pled guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide!”

Pundits are saying that he incriminated himself with this tweet, as he should not have known when firing Flynn, that Flynn had lied to the FBI!

Further, many are saying that his lawyer wrote the Tweet, but this has also been widely refuted, as any lawyer would not have made the grammatical error in the Tweet. (The past tense of plead is pleaded not pled.)

The chart below shows the Yod, the sextile between Saturn and Mars and the Quincunx (150 deg) of both planets to the Moon at 27deg24 Taurus which opposes the midpoint to Saturn/Mars, namely Venus.

“Yod is an astrological aspect pattern that involves any three planets or points in the horoscope that form an isosceles triangle. This phenomenon occurs when two planets are sextile(60° aspect) to each other, and both are then quincunx (150° aspect) to a third. The Yod is formed when the two planets make a sextile aspect and the third planet is opposite their mid-point. That third planet must make angles of 150 degrees with the other two. If you drew lines on the chart connecting the planets, you would get a Y-shaped formation that seems to point to one part of the horoscope.”

The apex of the Yod, (the planet or angle which make the two quincunx’s) is often referred to as the “Finger of God”, as it is the point where all points of the Yod are expressed. The Yod expresses a very difficult situation, which one has very limited opportunities of escaping.

In this case, he has Tweeted information (Moon 3rd house) relating to “foreign affairs and legal matters”  (Venus 9th house), which he should of held back (Mercury/Saturn conjunction in 10th house) which was secret concerning his partner Flynn (Mars in Libra in 8th house).

The apex of the Yod, the Moon on fixed star Algol, makes him the demon. The moon makes no aspects, so there is no way of getting out of it.

Algol 26 deg Taurus:The Arab word for alcohol means “the Demon”. Alcohol comes from the word Algol. Alcohol disintegrates and dries us out, so it literally petrifies. It turns us into zombies, we loose our heads. At the same time crime is also fuelled by alcohol, giving us a false sense of bravado.

Well Trump has probably admitted to a crime with this Tweet, and one can certainly say that he was taken over by a false sense of bravado. It has certainly placed him in a very compromised position.

trump tweet single wheel

Trump’s natal chart has his Midheaven within orb to Algol. It squares his natal Mars on the Ascendant of his chart, so through his anger (Mars) he has brought about his own downfall.

A common phrase associated with Algol is, “Off with his head”.


Donald Trump’s chart – activation by Pluto, Nov 2017.


Donald Trump has been very busy on Twitter these last few days attracting national and international condemnation.

Today, 30th Nov 2017, we read his latest Tweets where he retweets far right videos which peddle lies and stoke tensions. His Tweet on Matt Lauer who lost his job over sexual harassment allegations, also bringing up accusations against Joe Scarborough, and his tweet insulting the Navajo veterans with his “Pocahontas” joke. He also revived his Obama birther conspiracy and claimed the Access Hollywood tape as fake, as well as numerous outbursts claiming the media as “fake news”.

Just what is going on in his chart? Below is the quad dial, which quickly shows up the 8th harmonic aspects, conjunctions, squares, etc., in other words it tells you where the action is.

Before going into the details, one has to point out that his natal planet Pluto in Leo, makes a very difficult midpoint in his chart, namely Saturn midpoint Mars in his 12th house.

Ebertin describes this Pluto=Sat/Mars, as “Brutality, the rage of fury or destruction…“. (Ebertin continues, but it is too dire to write.) Astrology House gives a more modern interpretation of this midpoint, “Demonstrating the will and intent to meet specific challenges; to completely master and overcome an arduous situation. Defiance; refusing to back down or give in under pressure. Build ups of stress and aggression which are prone to periodic and powerful release. The activation of survival instincts. An awareness of the destructive forces of ‘man and nature’. Harmful elements. Collective loss and anguish.”

Remember this midpoint is constantly in his chart, and this modern interpretation very accurately describes Trump’s hidden urges, as his Pluto is in the 12th house of “self-undoing.”

His natal Pluto also makes a Venus/Mars midpoint, “A deeply passionate and sensual nature. Charisma. Sexual magnetism. Obsessing about someone – or something. Fanaticism. Compulsive urges; giving in to temptation.


Donald Trump quad wheel 1 30 Nov 2017

The Quad dial shows his natal (N) chart as the inner chart, then moving out, his solar arc (SA) progressions, secondary progressions (SP)as 3rd wheel and the outer wheel are the daily transits (T).

Starting with his natal Jupiter R in Libra, it is conjunct SA Pluto, the planet which makes the Sat/Mars midpoint and according to Ebertin, Jupiter=Sat/Mars, “The ability to destroy or eliminate something thoroughly”. This point in his chart is also squared by T Pluto and for a short time opposed by T Moon. The combination of these planets, given that Pluto is in his 12th house, is a powerful release of all his survival instincts to counteract his feared loss of power, or his guilty conscious working to the max in regard to his secret sex life…(Pluto also midpoint Mars/Venus) and other business dealings Sat/Mars.

Note: His N Jupiter R is very important in his chart, as it trines his N Uranus in the 10th which opposes his Moon, which sextiles N Jupiter. It forms the major aspect responsible for his business success/advancement/ status.

Moving on to his natal Saturn/Venus in Cancer. SP Jupiter is midpointing his natal Saturn/Venus and both of these planets are aspected by T Mars and T Uranus. His love life is in a big mess, perhaps he has broken up with his latest fling. (I am assuming here that his marriage is now one of convenience only…)

Moving on to his natal Pluto=Sat/Mars and Venus/Mars, it is being squared by T Jupiter from his 3rd house, activating Social Media (3rd house) to express his frustrations and anger… again stirred up by his deep hidden secrets of his 12th house…

The transiting Sat/Mars on 30th Nov, will activate his MC, so he is finding it necessary to endure overcoming difficulties. With this aspect, he may find he makes little progress. Saturn/Mars is usually interpreted as “one step forward and 2 backwards…”.

The major aspect is the transiting Pluto in Capricorn activating his natal Jupiter R, as well as the SA Pluto to his Jupiter, the first aspect mentioned above. This has been going on all year, as T Pluto has hovered around the 17 deg off and on, but should move off after Christmas although there is a brief retrograde period of Pluto on 18 deg (still within orb) in September-November 2018.

The world is feeling the tension and frustration projected by this President…something has to give before or shortly after Christmas, and again in late 2018.  If not we have to wait until 2020 when Pluto has moved to square his Natal Saturn.



Prince Harry and Meghan’s synastry by planets in Houses


Meghan smallMeghan’s Planets in Harry’s Houses harry small

Her Sun is in his 7th House

This is a classic partnership combination. You recognise just how important Meghan is in your life. It is as if you and she are meant for one another. She lights up your life and shows you what relationships are all about – for better or worse.

Her Moon is in his 8th House

When it comes to managing your joint finances Meghan’s instincts should always be heeded. If she has a good or a bad feeling about anything that could change your financial security, be sure to look into it more deeply. You will probably have arguments over money; however it is always better to be sure than sorry.

Her Mercury is in his 7th House

You think of Meghan as your partner and personal sounding board. There are things that you can say to her that only she can understand and appreciate. You are attracted to her intelligence and way of thinking. She stimulates you mentally and there is an ease of communication between you.

Her Venus is in his 8th House

There can be issues to contend with concerning joint resources and finances. It is important to establish some guidelines with regards to expenditure and to avoid high risk activities or investments. On the personal front, she can help you come to terms your most personal fears and anxieties.

Her Mars is in his 6th House

She may enthusiastically embrace the type of work you do and even help you with it in some capacity. However, she may have expectations of you that you find hard to meet. If this happens, watch that she doesn’t come to think less of you and begin to act against you. Unfortunately, you tend to be in a weakened position and your health could suffer.

Her Jupiter is in his 8th House

This is a good combination for business related activity. You may borrow money from one another or lend it to each other. Through Meghan’s efforts and abilities there is the possibility that you can prosper together and even gain a measure of wealth.

Her Saturn is in his 8th House

Money is an ongoing problem between you. She may try to control your joint finances, which can cause feelings of anxiety or resentment between you. There is a risk of financial hardship or getting into debt. Running a business together might not be a good idea.

Her Uranus is in his 10th House

Your direction in life suddenly came to a crossroad when you met her. All of a sudden you started considering alternative personal or professional options. She awakened you to a raft of possibilities and pointed out that there are numerous life-paths on offer to check out. Just one word of warning, don’t be in too much of a hurry to make radical changes to your life – be guided by your intuition first and foremost.

Her Neptune is in his 11th House

Your friends don’t quite know what to make of Meghan. To some of them she is charming and idealistic, while others think she is potentially deceitful or dishonest. Both assessments may be correct or completely off target. Trust your own instincts and give her the benefit of the doubt.

Her Pluto is in his 9th House

She can literally transform the way you see the world. She has strong beliefs and convictions that she may try to force on to you and other people. Her charisma is undeniable. You have to take care that you don’t adopt her ideals unwittingly.

Her Moon’s North Node is in his 7th House

Through her ideas and actions she teaches you the significance of personal relationships and partnerships.

Her Ascendant is in his 7th House

You ‘know’ this person. In Meghan, you recognise a buddy who could be that and more. You may be hanging out together for quite some time.

Her Midheaven is in his 2nd House

The financial aspirations you have are not dissimilar to Meghan’s. She appreciates the way you handle money and the attitude you have towards material possessions. It is possible that you may invest in a professional project she is involved in.


Megans chart

 Harry’s Planets in Megan’s Houses

His Sun is in her 3rd House

Communication is vital to this relationship. Harry encourages you to speak your mind and you will probably have many heart to heart discussions with each other. He may tend to initiate or dominate conversations. After all, he likes to be at the centre of attention. One of the best ways to keep things stimulating between you is to have the occasional short trip away together.

His Moon is in her 11th House

Here is someone who you can get close to and call a friend. He instinctively tunes into your needs and enjoys spending time with you. Quite possibly, you met each other in a social setting or through a mutual friend. He readily supports your ambitions and goals in life.

His Mercury is in her  2nd House

You and Harry talk a lot about financial and business matters. No doubt, he has many ideas on how you can spend or invest your money; just make sure that you are confident he knows what he’s talking about. If you do trust his abilities he can help you make good financial decisions.

His Venus is in her 4th House

Intimate candlelight dinners at home can be a real pleasure for you both. You enjoy being at home and are at your happiest when you’re involved in beautifying or improving the value of your property. Building a nest together is important to you.

His Mars is in her 5th House

Here is someone who you can be adventurous with in love. He knows how to push your romantic buttons – and let’s be honest – turn you on. You feel alive when you are together. Often, all you want to do is have fun and play. This is one love affair that will make an impact on you. However, be warned, there is the potential for being scarred if things go wrong – and they can.

His Jupiter is in her 6th House

He has a beneficial influence on your experience of work; he could even be your teacher in some kind of specialised field. You look after each other’s health needs and strive to live a healthy and happy life. You recognise the importance and benefits of a good diet and physical exercise.

His Saturn is in her 4th House

Living together in harmony might not be the easiest state to achieve. He tends to throw his weight around on the home front. He feels that he has to control or take charge of situations, even when it’s not wanted or required. His relationship with your family might not be all that it could be.

His Uranus is in her 5th House

There’s a good chance that your attraction to Harry took you by surprise and came upon you quite suddenly. You looked up one day and there he was. This is one of those ‘love at first sight’ affairs that tend to start and end quite abruptly. The key to your relationship is to live for the moment and enjoy the now.

His Neptune is in her 6th House

Your work may be a complete mystery to him. He might pretend to know what it is you do or appreciate its importance to you. There’s probably little point in trying to explain it to him though because it is not part of his reality. He may also have some difficulty understanding the attraction some people have to holistic healing practices.

His Pluto is in her 4th House

You can’t help but feel Harry’s presence in your domestic environment. If you live together – or even if you don’t – he manages to exercise a controlling influence around the home. Your family may find him a bit hard to take, as they see him as dominating and controlling.

His Moon’s North Node is in her 11th House

Through his ideas and actions he teaches you the value of friendship and social interaction.

His Ascendant is in her 6th House

Here is someone who has a correct grasp of what you’re trying to get done in life and he has just the right skills you’re looking for. He is always ready to lend a hand.

His Midheaven is in her 4th House

He has similar domestic goals as you. He understands how important home and family-life are to you.

Harrys chart

Summary: Overall seems harmonious and relates very much to how they came together.  They love each other, and have common interests, and share a love of home and family life. Harry a Virgoan, will appreciate the intellectual/communication side of the relationship, and Meghan, a Leo will appreciate the limelight she attracts through the Royal connection. His Saturn in her 4th house, highlights the obvious adjustments she must make in dealing with the Royal family and traditions. Meghan has a Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Libra, which falls in Harry’s 8th house. They will have to be circumspect about their joint finances, but as Saturn is exalted in Libra, they should be able to compromise. 

Source: Synastry by House interpretations taken from Janus 4.3, Astrology House.


Mercury (the trickster) planet in Trump’s natal chart.


Mercury, the trickster planet plays a huge influence in Trump’s natal chart.

His Gemini Sun conjunct Uranus opposes his Sagittarius Moon. The ruler of his Moon sign, Jupiter forms a sextile with the Moon and Jupiter also trines his Sun/Uranus conjunction. His Sun also forms a trine with his Part of Fortune in Aquarius. His Moon also trines Mars which in turn sextiles his Sun.Without a doubt he has used this pattern to his advantage and gained wealth and now power.

The ruler of his Gemini Sun and Uranus is Mercury. Mercury is in the sign of Cancer, the ruler being the Moon which opposes his Sun/Uranus. So the trickster planet Mercury plays a role in his Sun/Moon opposition which activates the success/wealth, power pattern outlined above. Note also that the Gemini Sun is in his 10th house of integrity. The moon in his 4th house suggests to me that this trickster pattern is in his ancestry, which is revealed when looking at his Father’s and Grandfather’s business lives/patterns.

Let’s look closer at his Mercury aspects.

(Interpretations taken from Ebertin, The Combination of Stellar Influences. They are mostly negative due to the mostly hard aspects involved.)

Mercury square Neptune – tendency to tell lies, untruthful, wrong thinking, confused ideas.

Mercury semi-square Mars – rashness, exaggeration, quarrelling.

Mercury semi-sextile Pluto – over estimation of self, impatience, slyness and cunning. 

Mercury square Chiron – “I did it my way, that is their theme song.” Yes,not kidding taken from Zane B. Stein, Essence and Application A View from Chiron. p 43. (Trump and his wife danced to this tune at his inaugural ball.)

 Mercury semi-square MC- ego conscious acting.

Pluto in Leo, ruler Sun in Gemini ruled by Mercury (another tie in with the Sun/Moon opposition) and Mars in Leo – again connection to the Gemini Sun, are in the 12th house.

With Mercury’s aspects to both of these 12th house planets, it is without a doubt that deals will be done in back rooms or in secret. The 12th house is also associated with crime and is ruled by the Sun – again involving the Sun/Moon opposition.

As Mercury is in his 11th house natally, he likes “doing deals” with friends behind “closed doors”, or in “secret”, (12th house), not to mention “shady characters” which are associated with this house.

If he has overstepped the legal line in the past, he has gotten away with it – something his natal chart suggests, considering the trine aspects of Jupiter to Sun and Uranus and Moon sextile to Jupiter.

But he is no longer a shady businessman, he is the President. The norms have changed.

But can he change the Mercurial influence in his chart?


Negotiate with others to achieve results – Ingress chart into Libra 2014



This explanation of the Libra Ingress chart 2014, Canberra, Australia is based on the strictures of William Ramsey taken from his work, Astrologia  Munda: A 17th Century study in the Ancient Art of Mundane Astrology, edited and annotated by Steven Birchfield A.M.A, 2006.

When the word King is used, it denotes those in authority which in our case is the Prime Minister, Mr Tony Abbott
Ingress Libra 2014 with aspects



1.     Look at the condition of all planets.

Sun in Libra, 9th house is in fall (the Sun is not comfortable in this sign, and therefore does not act in its most positive form).

Venus (ruler of Sun) is in Virgo and in fall (Venus is not comfortable in this sign, and therefore does not act in its most positive form).

Venus is under the Sun’s beams, (usb) which implies that the planet Venus does not live up to its usual expectations.

Venus, ruler of the Sun is conjunct the Moon which is also usb in the 9th house.

Jupiter is in Leo in the 8th house, squaring (friction) Saturn in 11th house, however, sextiles the Midheaven and sextiles and trines the nodes.

Mars is in 11th House in Sagittarius, and sextiles (opportunity) the Midheaven (MH) and the Sun.

Mercury is in Libra in the 10th house and the only planet in the angles of the chart. It conjuncts the North Node, opposes the South Node and squares the Ascendant (Asc).

Saturn is in Scorpio and sextiles the Ascendant, Moon and Venus and squares Jupiter. Saturn rules the planetary hour of the chart.

Assessing the condition of the planets and their placements in the houses, the Ingress chart does not suggest new action, but denotes a continuation of matters already set in action in previous months.

As the planets are all in the upper half of the chart, it seems the government, headed by the Prime Minister (Sun and Mercury) will make a mark in the wider world, with foreign affairs (9th house), and military matters (Mars) taking centre stage. With the communications planet Mercury in the sign of Libra (relationships and negotiations) the chart has an overall theme of “negotiating with others to achieve results”.


2.    Look at state or condition of the King (Sun) and 10th house rulers and planets.

First determine the planet to represent the King – Ramsey always uses the Sun but others don’t.

Ruler of 10th house is Venus (in fall and under the suns beams) so is in bad condition and cannot be the planet to represent the King.

Mercury in 10th house, angular house, square ascendant and conjunct/opposite the Nodes.  mercurysymbolcolor

This is the planet which represents the King or Prime Minister in this Ingress chart. 

Mercury here indicates that the Prime Minister will be very much engaged with discussions (Mercury) and negotiations with others (Libra).

As Mercury also rules scholars and learning, we can expect lots of friction with the people (Asc) regarding the proposed changes to the Higher Education laws, as Mercury squares the ascendant.

The North Node is also conjunct Mercury and with Jupiter in Leo sextiling the North Node, the PM can expect some success with his negotiations, although he will be challenged (opposition to South Node which is trine Jupiter) to adopt a compromise to achieve this success.

As Ramsey always considers the Sun as the planet representing the King, we find  the Sun in Libra in the  9th house , in fall, sextile Mars and trine ascendant.

This placement of the Sun also supports the above theme, that the PM will be involved in negotiations/relationships (Libra) with leaders (Sun) of foreign countries (Russia, USA etc) 9th house. As the Sun makes positive aspects to Mars and trines the ascendant, he will make progress in this area, however, it may be lots of hard work with some, (Sun in fall) and with Mars involved, we may even expect that our troops may see more involvement in foreign countries.

The involvement of the Ascendant in this positive aspect to the Sun, indicates that the nation as a whole will support his actions in foreign affairs and troop involvement.

3. Threat to King                                                  marssymbolcolor

Ramsey tell us to  look at the significators of the 4 th House, opposition to the 10th,  7th house of open enemies, 12th house of private enemies and 9th house of secret enemies (12th from 10th).

  •  The 4th house ruler is Mars in Sagittarius, in 11th house. Backbenchers of the House of Representatives (11th house) will give the Prime Minister some opposition, and succeed as Mars sextiles the Sun.
  • 7th house of open enemies, the ruler is the Moon, which is conjunct Venus in 9th both usb, sextile Saturn, and Trine the Part of Fortune and the Ascendant.

Open enemies will certainly try and disrupt policies of the Prime Minister, with limited success though, as their power is somewhat curtailed due to the Moon and Venus being under the Sun’s beams, which “burns up” the energy of these planets and Venus is in fall.

The Moon is trine Part of Fortune in 12th house of private enemies, so we may also find that some “secret” regarding the Prime Minister is revealed. With the moon involved, we may find that the misogyny issue which haunts Tony Abbott may again come to the fore.

  • 12th house of private enemies, the ruler is Jupiter in Leo in 8th house.

Private enemies, might abound as Jupiter rules this house and makes a few positive aspects to the Nodes, however, they will be blocked by Saturn which is making a square to Jupiter.

  • 9th house of secret enemies ruler is Mercury, which is in Libra in 10th house..

The 9th house is a focus point in this Ingress chart, as it contains the Sun which is the planet representing the PM and is ruled by Mercury, also the planet representing the PM. Will he be his own worst enemy and/or will he find that foreign rulers are secretly playing him for a fool. He has to be very cautious when dealing with the heads of foreign governments and certainly needs good advice. As the Moon and Venus are both in this house and both under the Sun’s beams, which denotes that their energy is “burnt up”, and consequently not working at its best, we can assume that his secret enemies do not have his best interests at heart.

4. Assistance to King.

2nd house signifies wealth and assistance of people, as does 11th house, 8th assistance wealth of open enemies.

  • 2nd house ruler is Saturn in Scorpio in 11th.                   saturnsymbolcolor

Saturn is in the 11th house, which is the house representing the Lower House of Parliament, in our case the House of Representatives (HR)in mundane astrology. As the present government has a majority in this House, it can be expected that overall the HR will support the Prime Minister. The members of his party will support all his efforts in foreign affair matters, given Saturn makes a sextile to the Moon and Venus in the 9th house. However, Saturn also makes a square to Jupiter in the 8th house, so we can expect some friction from his members in the Lower House regarding fiscal matters.


  • 11th house ruler is Mars which is in Sagittarius in 11th house


Mars (the planet of war) is sextile the Sun and MC, so members of the HR will support the Prime Minister, in deploying our troops overseas.

  • 8th house ruler is Sun which is in 9th house


As previously mentioned our Prime Minister will shine in foreign relations (9th house) during this Ingress period and will have the full support of his Parliamentary colleagues for any decisions made regarding these matters.


5.    Look at the condition of the ruler of the people.

Ruler of the People is the ruler of Asc and the Moon.   moonsymbolcolor

Saturn is the ruler of the Ascendant which is in 11th house in Scorpio and square Jupiter in Leo in 8th house. It is also sextile Venus in fall and Moon in Virgo in the 9th house which are both under the Suns beams.

This indicates that the people will not be happy with interest rates (Jupiter 8th), and suggests that there may be a rise in interest rates, due to lower (square friction) export earnings. The people will continue to be unhappy (square) about the national debt and the recent budget measures (8th house).

As Saturn is also the ruler of the 2nd house in the Ingress chart, there may be changes to taxes and overall the economy is still depressed.

The promised (Jupiter) changes to the economy (Saturn) do not fulfil the people’s expectations.

Moon is in Virgo in 9th house, under the sun’s beams, and conjunct Venus in fall and also under the sun’s beams, sextile Saturn in 11th and trine the Asc and Part of Fortune in 12th.

Issues regarding travel, foreign affairs and tertiary education will come to the fore. The people will have expectations (Moon conjunct Venus) regarding these issues, and will be somewhat successful in making their voices heard.

With Saturn in 11th house (House of Representatives, HR), will the backbenchers side with the people rather than with the PM?

As the Moon also represents women/children, the backbenchers may also have success (sextile aspect) in changing the Parental Leave initiatives (Virgo is the natural ruler of 6th house of workers conditions).

The above aspects also show that the people will not accept the co-payment fee to General Practitioners, as the natural house of Virgo is the 6th which also rules health issues.

As Saturn is making the square (friction) to Jupiter (high expectations of abundance) in the 8th house, the recent budget (8th house) will continue to be unsupported by the people. The popular disapproval of the recent budgetary measures will also encourage backbenchers to take actions which go against the Government’s fiscal policies.


6.    Find the Lord of the Year to assess the condition of the people.


According to Ramsey, the Lord of the Year is the almuten of the chart. One is to take the planet in any condition and make assessment.

Mars is the Almuten of this Ingress chart which is in 11th house in Sagittarius.

Mars is sextile the MC and the Sun which is in fall.

It seems that as Mars represents soldiers/armed forces, they will be happy with any decisions made regarding deployment overseas. Their activities overseas should also be successful.

As Mars also sextiles (opportunity) the Sun which is in fall and in the 9th house, negotiations (Libra) with foreign rulers (Sun in 9th) will not be totally satisfactory.

Ramsey also states to look at the planet which is exalted in the sign of Lord of the Year.

As Mars is in Sagittarius, and the South node is exalted in Sagittarius, we find the South Node in the 4th house opposite Mercury in 10th and trine Jupiter and sextile the North Node in the chart.

To my mind this indicates that the people will support any moves from the opposition, (4th House) to oppose fiscal matters (8th house). In other words, the people support moves by all opposition (ALP, Greens, PUP) parties to oppose some of the harsher decisions of the recent Budget.

Also look to the natural Ruler of the house the Almuten is in.

The natural ruler of the 11th house, the sign of Aquarius is Saturn.

See above for delineation of Saturn in this house.

Other ancients would consider Mercury in Libra as the Lord of the Year– as it is the only planet in an angular house, in this case, if Mercury is regarded as Lord of the Year, the condition of the people will be assessed by Mercury which makes a square to the Ascendant and is conjunct/opposite the Nodes.

In the case of Mercury being the Lord of the Year, tradesmen, merchants and learning, should be considered. As mercury is square the Ascendant, and also the planet which represent the Ruler, ideas may well be a bit confused, and negotiations with others (Mercury in Libra), may not have positive outcomes for the Ruler. Hence, we may expect that negotiations surrounding the changes to the Higher Education laws may not have the expected outcomes.

Planet which is exalted in the sign of the Lord of the Year if Mercury.

As mercury is in Libra, Saturn is exalted in that sign. Saturn is in Scorpio in 11th house and is square Jupiter in Leo in 8th.

See above for delineation of Saturn.

It seems the planet Saturn, is heavily emphasised in this Ingress chart. So the theme of support for foreign affair matters (9th house) will prevail, as Saturn sextiles (opportunity) the Moon, Venus conjunction in Virgo in the 9th house.  Given the condition of Venus and the Moon, as previously mentioned, foreign relations will however,  not be without certain frictions.

As Saturn is also square (friction) to the 8th house Jupiter (fiscal matters), we can also expect friction surrounding the latest budget to continue.

This Ingress chart does not make any contact with the Solar/Lunar eclipses expected during the ingress period.

However, during November, the Venus, Sun and Mercury will all move and make contact with Saturn, so we can expect matters regarding the Budget to escalate during this month. Mercury and Venus also make contact with Mars during November and early December, which should denote positive times for the Prime Minister.




Ramsey, William, Astrologia  Munda: A 17th Century study in the Ancient Art of Mundane Astrology, edited and annotated by Steven Birchfield A.M.A, 2006.

Pamela Lyndon Travers – Mary Poppins – a Chiron Creation.


Travers chartMary Poppins

Pamela Lyndon Travers, was born Helen Lyndon Goff, born on 9 August 1899 – 23 April 1996, in Maryborough, Qld and was an Australian-British novelist, actress, journalist and a mystical seeker.

She is the author of the Mary Poppins novels, on which the Disney success film hit, Mary Poppins was based.

With the recent summer release of the movie “Saving Mr Banks”, many of you would have caught a glimpse of Pamela Travers’ life whilst she oversaw the making of the Mary Poppins film. Also, the ABC recently aired the program “The Real Story of Mary Poppins” where the shadow of  Pamela Travers was revealed.

Along with all the resulting publicity surrounding the release of these films on Pamela Travers and her Mary Poppins books, constant claims of who the real Pamela Travers was and what inspired her to write about Mary Poppins are being made.

For those not in the know, her books were based on a mystical and magical English Nanny. According to the ABC program, she did not reveal the source of her fictional heroine, until much later in life.

Read up more about her life here

As Astrologers, in order to find out more about a person we of course look at the chart. Her natal chart is in Astro – Databank, however, I have set the chart for Maryborough, and get a different ascendant.

Looking at her chart, one can easily see why Travers has been described as, “the self-assured Travers, ….a history of going against the grain. She never married, in a time when an unwed woman was profoundly stigmatized. She dated both men and women, ran with a crowd of A-list British poets and had a deep and formative interest in mysticism, myth and fairy tales. She was an adventurer who grew up in the Australia, (Maryborough, Bowral, Sydney),as an adult, she changed her name, moved to London and worked as an actress, a dancer, an erotica writer and a journalist. She spent two summers living on an American Indian reservation, studying the culture.”1

Later in life she also adopted a son, and then after refusing to sell the rights to the Mary Poppins books for 14 years, did so to her professional regret albeit not to any financial regret. A quick delineation of the chart, immediately shows her as being a maverick, adventurous and revolutionary with Chiron in her first house, and Uranus on the Ascendant. In fact she has the very rare aspect of Chiron conjunct Uranus and Chiron is trine her natal Venus in 9th house of writing. (More on that later.)

She has Sun conjunct MC in Leo (Shine…Acting) with Venus in Leo in 9th (writer, foreign places, spirituality). Her 10th house Moon in Virgo forms a T square with first house Saturn in Sagittarius and Pluto in Gemini in 7th (difficult relationships, power and control over others, melancholy). Her 10th house Mercury although retrograde, sextiles Jupiter in 12th house, (protection, fantasy) and sextiles Neptune (imagination) and most of all trines the Part of Fortune in 2nd house (money from writing).

Her Uranus, Chiron and Saturn all in Sagittarius in the first house, may also be the reason she has been quoted saying, “…sorrow lies like a heartbeat behind everything I write”.2

For this article, I have taken the major milestones of her active career life and looked at the Solar Arc directions for the years of those milestones. My research revealed that major milestones occurred with Solar Arc directions of Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter. I have given particular attention to Chiron, as SA Chiron activated the creation of her heroin, Mary Poppins.

Chiron conjunct Uranus. This conjunction does not occur in the 20th century, so we can learn lots about Chiron by looking at Travers’ chart, as she was born in 1899. According to Zane Stein with this conjunction “the person leads a very eventful life, and is determined to make a mark in life and do something which will be remembered long after the person has died. This is not out of vanity but the need to have one’s life mean something in the grand scheme of things”.3

With Uranus/Chiron in Sagittarius and trine her Venus in Leo in 9th, her writing was a deep and meaningful part of her life, and hence the spiritual seeking and the spiritual references in her books (9th house of writing and spirituality). When reading about the Chiron hits to her chart below, keep this trine in mind, as it seems that working through her Chiron wound she gained considerable benefits through her writing.

Stein also describes people with Chiron in the first house as, “The eyes have a look about them as if the person were from another dimension, a stranger in a strange land …4. Pamela is quoted as saying she felt she never fitted into Australia, and throughout her life played down her Australian birth. She left Australia, never to return, except for 1 brief visit. Her blue dreamy eyes have also been noted upon.

Father’s death 8 February: 1908

This event had a lifelong traumatic effect on Pamela. It has been said that it is the reason she formed many relationships with older men, and of course made Mr Banks (her father was in the bank industry) a major character in her writings.

On this date her solar arc chart shows that SA Chiron squared her natal Moon, was approaching an opposition with Pluto and was coming to a conjunction with her natal Saturn. Also on the day of his death, transiting Sun in Aquarius was conjunct T Chiron and both opposed her natal Sun and MC in Leo. She had an excellent relationship with her father, as he fuelled her imagination and so it seems that after this event, her journey to heal the Chiron wound surrounding the early loss of her father commenced.

Mother’s suicide attempt: 1910

Her biographer states that she was eleven years old when her mother attempted suicide. This passage describes the event:

The story of Mary Poppins, the magical nanny who blew in with the wind, began one night in 1913 (1910) deep in the imagination of Helen, a brave 13-year-old [11years old] who had been left home alone with her two younger sisters. Her father, an alcoholic, was dead, and her grieving mother had gone out in the dead of night to drown herself in a nearby creek.There was a thunderstorm outside, and wind was howling through the rafters of their home in Bowral, New South Wales, Australia. Helen wrapped herself and her sisters in a quilt by the fireside, and, shivering, began to tell them a fairytale: about a magical white horse that could fly even though it had no wings. It was the first time she had dreamt up a story – and the genesis of an idea that, 26 years later, would inspire her to write Mary Poppins, the best-selling children’s book and 1964 Disney film of the same name.”5

This scene is recreated in the ABC film “The Real Story of Mary Poppins”, and was the reason for this article, as it revealed that Pamela Travers never mentioned the inspiration for her heroin Mary Poppins until much later in life.  I was intrigued as to what was going on in her chart, when such a traumatic event created a fictional character which was later used to write about so successfully. (Chiron/Uranus trine Venus natally.)

The chart reveals that SA Chiron was now conjunct her natal Saturn, (wound from parental figure) SA Venus was conjunct her natal Sun, (Mother lived) and SA Mercury was conjunct her moon (active imagination). Wow – what a combination. It is also uncanny that her fictional figure created at the time was a horse – Chiron is depicted as half horse/man.

The midpoints of Chiron in her chart are also revealing. Chiron midpoints, Neptune/MC, Sun/Nodes, Sun/PoF. Again these midpoints depict her imagination, fantasy and spirituality in her writing and the need to help others and herself with spiritual development. Pamela always claimed that her books did reveal spiritual messages to her readers. The midpoint of Chiron to her Sun and Part of Fortune, also show how her “wound” – Chiron, helped her gain recognition and of course earned her money (Part of Fortune). This event could also explain her statement about sorrow, see above. It seems she alienated herself from her mother after her suicide attempt.

First Mary Poppin book published: 1934

Here we again see a Chiron connection.  SA Jupiter conjuncts her natal Chiron.  The natal Jupiter in Scorpio has moved out of the 12th house, and connects with her natal Chiron. Her hidden inspirational fantasy figure – forged many years ago, comes out into the world in her first Mary Poppins book.

SA Mars now in Scorpio squared her natal Venus in Leo in 9th house of writing. Her book was an instant success and was also released in USA. A long term friend and mentor assists her in the promotion of the book (mentor/publishing 9th house matters).

Adoption of Son, Camillus Travers: 1940

She did not have a Chiron hit around this time, although SA Neptune was conjunct her natal Venus and SA Sun squared her natal Neptune. Note that her 5th house of children is ruled by Neptune. She adopted a child as she was desperate to have a child and none of her relationships succeeded in producing a child. It is said that she had bisexual relationships, however, she also continually fell in love with older unavailable men (ruler of 7th house Mercury retrograde in 10th and square Uranus and Chiron). Mercury is sextile Jupiter in Scorpio in 12th – she kept relationships hidden, her bisexuality has never been confirmed.

Later the adoption of her son was criticised by many, as her adopted son was a twin and she only took the one twin. She consulted an astrologer and was advised to only take the eldest twin.

Son told of his adoption: 1957

Camillus Travers was contacted by his twin brother and only then did Camillus find out that he was adopted. This had a great traumatic effect on him, as he had grown up with a fictional father. At this time SA Chiron squared her 12th house natal Jupiter in Scorpio. Also her SA Venus, was conjunct her natal Mars in Libra. Her secret was revealed and this event greatly harmed their relationship (Libra), although he always benefited from her wealth (Jupiter).

Chiron return: 1949

During the year of her Chiron return her son was at boarding school and Pamela resumed her connections with the London Gurdjieff group. Her guru died in October 1949, and Pamela was devastated, actually becoming quite ill.

As well as the Chiron return, SA Pluto was conjunct her natal Venus in the 9th house of spirituality.

Sold rights to her Mary Poppins books to Disney: 1959

Well what more can I say – her SA Jupiter was conjunct her 2nd house Part of Fortune in Capricorn. SA Chiron was opposing her natal Venus.  Disney had approached her for the rights many years before, and Pamela now finally agreed. She needed funds but was never very happy about making her book into a movie.

Premier of Mary Poppins film:  27 August 1964

Her SA Mercury in 12th house squared her natal Venus in 9th. She kept her real opinions on the movie to herself (12th house mercury), and she, as the author, is only briefly mentioned in all the publicity. Her SA Mars in 11th house was coming up to conjunct her natal Chiron. I have read that although she secretly (12th house) condemned the movie, in actual fact she saw the movie about her heroin born through the activation of Chiron, as the fruition of her hopes and dreams (11th house) of her writing career.

On 29 Nov 2013, the premier of the movie Saving Mr Banks, the transiting Sun was conjunct her natal Chiron, and her SA Chiron squared her natal Part of Fortune in the 2nd house.!


1. Stewart, Sara. 8 Dec 2013,

2. Saunders, Kay. Notorious Australian Women, Harper Collins, Sydney, 2011, p. 163.

3. Stein, Zane B., Essence and Application – A view from Chiron, 1995, p. 7 .

4. Stein, Zane B., Essence and Application – A view from Chiron, 1995, p. 6 .

5. Rainey, Sarah. 29 Nov 2013.

6. Lawson, Valerie. Out of the Sky She Came: the life of P.L. Travers, creator of Mary Poppins, Sydney, Hodder, 1999. Many of the articles above would have used this official biography of Travers for their information. I believe the book has been reissued with the title, Mary Poppins she wrote: The life of P.L. Travers.

President SBY suspending cooperation with Australia on people smuggling, until he gets an official response from Tony Abbott.


The announcement that SBY was suspending cooperation with Australia, came through on 20 Nov 2013 at 5.13 pm AEDT.

Spying fall out

The T moon was directly opposite, TA’s Venus (Venus return in his SR chart!)

Read more about TA’s natal chart and his Venus return. His Venus falls on Australia’s Mercury/Chiron and opposite our Neptune.

The T Moon in Gemini (communication) also fell directly on our Neptune and opposite Australia’s Mercury/Chiron in Sagittarius which is an aspect of intrigue, spying and miscommunication, especially with foreign powers!

Transiting Pluto is now exactly conjunct Australia’s Sun in Capricorn. (Ebertin – Martyr of own ideas. The desire to exercise power, the craving for rulership and disadvantages through the former.)[1]

Mr Abbott’s ascendant squares this conjunction!

Transiting Mars fell in Australia’s 7th house of national “friends and enemies”. (I use the National chart relocated to Canberra which has a 12 deg Pisces Ascendant.)

Mr Abbott needs to quickly learn a lesson in diplomatic communication styles, especially relating to the South-East Asian culture! His handling of this matter has directly placed his political policies (stopping the boats) in jeopardy.  It is an amazing example of “foot in mouth”, but not surprising when looking at his natal chart.

[1] Ebertin, R. The Combination of Stellar Influences, AFA, 1994. P86

Kevin Rudd’s Cazimi Mars


Kevin Rudd’s Cazimi Mars

by Veronica Chlap

Kevin Rudd’s natal chart has a rare aspect. His natal Mars is Cazimi the Sun. A planet within 17 minutes of the Sun, by conjunction (at the same position), is said to be Cazimi, and at the “heart of the Sun”. This greatly strengthens the planet. It can be likened to “a man who has been raised up to sit beside the king”.

Kevin Rudd

In Rudd’s chart, this is also the aspect with the closest applying orb. Mars falls 0A10 of the Sun, and therefore a standout in his chart.

Kevin Rudd resigned from Federal Politics on 13th Nov ca 8.20 pm AEDST 2013 after a very illustrious and controversial career. We have all read the comments on Rudd – his ability to polarise opinions, his popularity with the public, his obsession with the 24 hr news cycle, his micro-management/workaholic  tendencies, his sudden anger/abuse outbreaks, his sharp intellect and very honed communication skills.

As Astrologers we can all understand these comments, as Mars (great energy/aggressive urge) conjunct Sun (ego, power urge, personality) in the sign of Virgo (perfection seeking, exacting), with Mercury (intellect/expression) in rulership in Virgo, gives rise to the above descriptions of his personality and skills. As this conjunction has flowing energy (trine) to his ascendant, we can also understand, how readily the Sun/Mars conjunction is activated. It is simply his way of doing things, his modus operandi.

In his farewell address to Parliament, he commented on his rise to his position in life, from the son of a Nambour farmer to Prime Minister of the country.

How did the Cazimi aspect – which gives the native the ability and opportunity to be “raised up to sit beside the King – or in this case, even become the “King”, assist him and how did it lead to his fall?

In order to ascertain how the natal chart unfolds in a person’s life, Astrologers use Solar Arc (SA) progressions. The planets of the natal chart are said to all move by circa 1 deg of life, giving us the ability to compare the solar arc progressions to the natal chart, and to determine the stellar energy combinations/ and events, at any given time during a person’s life.

First Assumed office in Federal Parliament 3 Oct 1998

When Kevin Rudd first assumed office, in 1998 his Cazimi Sun/Mars conjunction had progressed to his natal Venus (value/love) in Scorpio, in the 10th house. He had achieved a great ambition, at the age of 41.  As the planet Venus rules his 10th house of career, this conjunction indicates that he had achieved the career goal he greatly loved and valued.

During the decade before, he worked for the Queensland Government, this work commencing in 1988, when his SA Jupiter(opportunity/expansion) came in conjunction with his natal Venus (value/love) in 10th house (government administration). Also during this decade, his SA Sun/Mars was conjunct his natal Neptune in his 10th.

Rudd’s period with the Qld Government was very controversial – his cuts (Mars) to the Qld Public Service will never be forgotten. However, he also did lots of reform work on foreign language teaching (Jupiter) in schools. But this career fizzled out and lost its sheen (Neptune).

By 1998, his Cazimi Sun/Mars had moved out his 9th house which rules foreign affairs, so he left his Foreign Affairs career behind and entered into Government Administration. As his Sun/Mars progressed through the 10th house of public standing, career, he eventually achieved his goal of becoming a member of the Federal Parliament with the conjunction of Venus in 10th.

Leader of the opposition 4 Dec 2006.

“The 4th of December 2006 was the day Labor’s “Dream Team” of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard combined to knock-off Kim Beazley and, indirectly, his then deputy Jenny Macklin. It was the day the tectonic plates of ALP politics suddenly shifted.” Greg Jennett[i]

By this time, Rudd’s natal Uranus had moved by SA to conjunct his Cazimi Sun/Mars. His natal Uranus (sudden upheavals) in Leo had moved to make a dramatic conjunction with his Sun/Mars.

Uranus in Leo is a generational planetary configuration, and is described as commanding will, expressive change or being self-centred and dramatic. The positive of this combination can be attuned to heart energy vibrations and high creative vision, however, mostly there will always be an element of self and arrogance combined with this.

Rudd had managed to work his way up in the ALP to take on the leadership of the party after 8 years in politics. Suffice to say, at this time he was also helped along with his SA  Pluto (transformation) conjunct his natal Midheaven in Libra (partnerships) –  the term “dream team” being a very apt description for this aspect – as astrologers we could also add in hindsight a very  “fated (Pluto) dream team”.

Election 2007

On the day he was elected to Prime Minister of the country, his SA Venus was square his Cazimi Sun/Mars. His elevation to this high office was also helped along by his SA Moon conjunct his natal Jupiter, and amongst other aspects, his SA Mercury (very strong planet in his natal chart), was conjunct his Neptune in Scorpio in his 10th house (career/status/reputation).

Astrologers say that big events in one’s life are often activated by challenging aspects, so it is little wonder that the SA Venus square (challenge) his Cazimi Sun/Mars gave him the energy to succeed in his aim for the highest office.

The SA Moon (women) conjunct his natal Jupiter (opportunity/benevolence/expansion) gave him added popularity status by having a female deputy (Julia Gillard) in his run for office.

However, the SA Mercury (intellect/expression) to his natal Neptune (illusions), made him the star of the show – the celebrity. We all looked up to him and saw him as the saviour for our future (Neptune), and a politician who would rescue us from the worn out Howard Government. My elderly Mother at the time, described him as an angel.

I also remember him saying “what you see is what you get”. How untrue this turned out to be. Not surprising really as Mercury/Neptune energies are considered that of fantasy or sleight of hand.

None of us, except perhaps, former public servants in Qld, really knew about his strong Sun/Mar mercurial energies listed above.  Perhaps the Labour Party knew about his reputation, but they overlooked this, too concerned with the sweet political victory Rudd could deliver.

24 June 2010 – Dumped by Julia Gillard

On this day, his SA Cazimi Sun/Mars was square (challenge) his natal Moon. Well what more can I say.  His natal Moon (female) in Leo in the 7th house of partners/enemies succeeded in removing him from Office.  His SA Jupiter was also square his natal Pluto. (Some astrologers describe Jupiter/Pluto aspects as “win a million, loose a million”) and is very often found when people having achieved great success suddenly lose all.

Natally his Moon midpoints Uranus and Pluto, which signifies great changes by sudden force. Add the Sun/Mars to the mix and one can understand how the public (moon) was shocked to the core about the cruelty of this dismissal.

Back in Office 26 June 2013/Election 7 Sept 2013 lost/ resigned 13 Nov 2013.

During 2013, the major events listed above occurred to Kevin Rudd. SA Neptune, the planet of illusion,( looking through rose coloured glasses, spiritual urge) was applying in square to his Cazimi Sun/Mars. It was an illusion to stand for the leadership thinking  that he could win the 2013 election.

When the Sun and Mars receive aspects from Neptune, loss of energy and power occurs.  It’s time to fade into escapist activities and very often people travel under such aspects. The political race lost is sheen for Mr Rudd. The people had seen through the illusion and rejected him.

It’s also time to move on, reinvent oneself, as SA Pluto (transformation) in Libra and positioned in his 10th house (career) by SA, squared his natal ascendant (assertion). He resigned.

I am sure that with this aspect from Neptune, he will tend towards more compassionate activities for a while. He also has an applying SA Mercury (intellect/communication) to his natal Venus (value/love) coming up next year, so he will find something he values and where he can use his intellect. Actually sounds like he might write his memoirs!

But for now it’s best he escape on a long holiday (Neptune) and gracefully contemplate his future.

I am sure we will hear from him again when his Cazimi Sun/Mars is once again activated by Solar Arc direction in the future.

[i] Jennett, Greg. Kevin Rudd had a unique ability to polarise opinions. accessed 16 November, 2013.