Aries Ingress 2017 – State of King/President – Donald Trump


0Washington Ingress 2017 2Introduction

I have used strictures from Astrologica Munde. A 17th Century study in the Ancient Art of Mundane Astrology edited by Steven Birchfield, to assess the state of the ruler of the USA for the Aries Ingress chart 2017. The Aries Ingress chart is the most powerful chart to assess the state of any leader of a country throughout the year ahead, and has been used as a prediction tool for centuries.

  1. Look at condition of all planets

The Sun in the first house in Aries – exalted. Good condition, but square Saturn in 10th – so becomes afflicted.  (Sun represents President – also represented by the ruler of 10th Jupiter – more later.)

 Ramsey  “But if he is therein (1st house) unfortunate, noble and great men shall suffer in their persons and dishonour, disgrace, and perhaps cast out of their dignities and places.”

Also: “but if (Ruler of King) beheld by the square or opposition of the infortunes, (Saturn) mischief is to be feared”

Further, if it is Saturn, he shall cause much damage and detriment and trouble to those … places subject to the planet with whom he is in configuration.” Saturn in 10th house of Government– The President will cause trouble to the Government of the county.

Moon: Moon represents the people of the Nation – in 10th house (Government in Power) tight conjunction to Saturn. Also square Sun. The nation/people will censure the Leader, conservative Government.

Mercury in Aries under suns beams (usb) – afflicted, in 1st house- Nation- (Mercury – Intellect, Business, Communications/ now Internet Social Media/Press etc) also conjunct Venus R, opposite Jupiter R, trine MH, sextile PoF.

Mercury forms part of the Mystic Rectangle (see yellow aspect in chart) which represents the bubble/echo chamber for “false news” used by the President to whip up his power base, and also by the opposition to whip up support against him.

Mars in Taurus in detriment – afflicted and in 2nd house which represents economy/tax matters (Mars – war, conflict, opposition)

 Mars and Venus in mutual reception. (Love/Hate energy). Mars trine North node, sextile South node and Ascendant also semi-sextile Venus. More on Nodes later.

Venus R and combust the Sun in Aries – afflicted –  in 1st house (Nation/masses/the people) Venus – women.

Venus is Combust the Sun, retrograde, conjunct Mercury (usb) and semi-sextile Mars, in mutual reception to Mars. Communications driven by passions, aggression, combative.

Jupiter in Libra Retrograde (R) – afflicted and in 8th house. (Jupiter – Judges, eminent persons, and the President ruler of 10th House, also Religion)

8th house represents:

  • The national debt; the collector of taxes; danger to the people through war or national disasters; the resources of the enemy, (especially open enemies – could be Russia for USA), death duties and the kinds of people who die.

 Jupiter also rules the first house, so also represents people/masses.

 Ramsey: If Jupiter rules the first house (the people- Pisces asc- ruler Jupiter) and is afflicted (R)– “but if he is unfortunate, the people shall exercise cruelty, oppression, injustice, shall be disobedient and break the laws, and prove quite contrary to what you have heard”

 Opposite Mercury in Aries, trine MH and sextile PoF, Sesquiquadrate South Node. Jupiter forms part of the Mystic Rectangle – more later.

Saturn in Sagittarius in 10th house. (Saturn – sadness, State Funerals?)

More on Saturn later.

        Lillly states: Saturn (in 10th)…. usually deny honour, as to persons of quality….

 Part of Fortune (PoF) in Gemini in 3rd house.

PoF is square Ascendant, opposite MC, sextile Mercury trine Jupiter. More later.

Also same degree as Part of Government – Asc+Sun – Sat=13deg Gemini –  making it the same degree as the Part of Fortune. (The fortune of the country rests with the Government!)

 Nodes 3 deg Virgo/Pisces and North Node 3 deg Virgo – they will move backwards and reach 29 Leo the degree of the Eclipse on 12th August and also the degree of Trump’s ascendant – also the aneretic degree (misfortune/fate.) Nodes hit 29 Leo in early May 2017.

As you can see from the chart  – the nodes make many aspects to planets – especially Mars/Jupiter/Moon and Saturn.

In summary, most of the planets in this ingress chart are afflicted in some way. It is not a good chart for government or the people. In ancient times if the ruler of the 10th house was retrograde and in 8th house, and the Sun square Saturn in 10th , the King/Queen would not have taken the crown. They would have sent a “cousin” instead.

2. Let’s look closer to the State of the President – and the standouts of the Ingress chart which will impact the Nation.

First determine the planet to represent the King/Leader– (Ramsey believes to use the rulers of 10th house in any condition.) But my research reveals one must always consider the Sun to represent the ruler as well.

Jupiter R in Libra is ruler of 10th and in 8th (succedent house denotes weakness of leader). Dispositor of sign is Venus combust the Sun, the planet also representing the Leader. Will the leader be his own worst enemy and burn up his support?

Jupiter R the planet representing the President forms a mystic rectangle see chart marked in yellow.  This aspect configuration is very powerful and represents strongly contained energy.

The President (Jupiter) will achieve success (Midheaven) through communicating (PoF 3rd house) with his powerbase, Mercury in 1st house (people). An echo chamber will be created.

An opposition runs through the Mystic Rectangle, Mercury usb., opposes Jupiter R.

Ebertin states that a conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter represents “sound common sense”, but in opposition denotes “failures through dishonesty, negligence, fraud or slander. Also bluff, self-conceit, arrogance, want of foresight.”

As Jupiter also represents the people, see above, we have a situation where rhetoric based on falsehoods, etc., just circulate in this “echo chamber” both sides feeding off each other.

Note how the Mercury/Jupiter opposition will trigger the Venus/Mars in mutual reception, as the dispositor of Mercury in Aries is Mars, and the dispositor of Jupiter in Libra is Venus. Passions of love and hate will run high.

According to Ramsey:

“If your significator (Jupiter) is retrograde in any annual Revolution, judge much trouble, impediment and anxiety to the persons (King) or things signified by it…also weakness of King.”

“If it is the significator of the king or chief rulers, it denotes much trouble and detriment unto their persons, and great fear of the unthroning of them; likewise if it be significator (yes- Jupiter rules first house) of the people say the condition of the people shall be very sad and grievous, and much trouble and mischief shall be to their cities and towns.”

Looking at the outcome of the aspects triggered by Jupiter representing the President, and the People, namely endless rhetoric causing great agitation to the Nation, one can only conclude that something will have to give…more later.

Consider the planets in the 10th house Saturn conjunct Moon and square the Sun

The 10th house is always the most important house in Mundane astrology as it represents the Government in power.

Saturn in Sag in 10th house, (natural ruler of house -good) – but weaken by square to Sun and ruler of the sign (Sag) Jupiter is R.

“If Saturn is weak and elevated above all the other planets, it signifies that his cold unfortunate and malicious inclination shall go generally through all the region, country or kingdom..”

Moon in 10th house – attention of the people is on the Government. Moon is conjunct the natural ruler of the 10th – Saturn a positive (censure/respect) however square the Sun in Aries. The people (moon) are not in favour of their elected President. The dispositor of Moon in Sagittarius is Jupiter, the dispositor of Sun in Aries is Mars. When Jupiter moves to the opposition of Mars – Mars in Scorpio – will action (Mars)  take place?

3. Strongest themes in operation during this ingress.

The strongest themes are represented by the Sun (President) square Saturn/Moon and the Jupiter (President) mystic rectangle.

The power of the mystic rectangle, see above, will be broken with difficulty. It can be broken by the power of the aspects Jupiter makes to the nodes. Jupiter is semi-square the north node in 6th house (health care, civil services, ) and sesquiquadrate the south node in 12th house (hidden enemies).  Nodes travel backwards and in early May 2017 will reach the 28- 29 deg Leo mark which is the degree of the August Total Solar eclipse which runs through USA and also happens to be the degree of Donald Trump’s ascendant. Will the President be eclipsed around this time, due to hidden enemies – most probably in Congress? (Note added: on 9th May, Trump fired the FBI Director, Comey. The nodes were on 29 Leo/Aquarius). Many are saying this action is the beginning of the end.

The FBI and intelligence services are represented by the 6th and 12th houses respectively. With the nodes changing signs, they are now making a trine to the Saturn/Moon conjunction as well as a sextile. The narrative around the status of the President is changing. Will the FBI and intelligence services become more active? Will the Trump/Russia investigations be revealing? The rulers of the nodes are now the Sun and Saturn, the very planets which form a square in the Ingress chart!!!

Trump’s natal ascendant at 29 Leo opposite his Part of Fortune at 28 Aquarius (descendant) are also being activated now by the transiting nodes. His fate is in the hands of his open enemies (7th house).

Alongside the mystic rectangle we have the Saturn/Moon square Sun aspect, operating independently. To my mind this aspect creates the greatest opportunity to unseat the President. The people (moon) can make their voices/censure, prominent (10th house) and challenge the elected President (Sun 1st house). Around 20th December, the planet Saturn moves into the sign of Capricorn, where it is in rulership and is strong. It will be at 0 deg Capricorn making an exact square to the Sun at 0 deg Aries. In this Aries chart, Saturn is the planet ruling the 11th and 12th house, which represent the House of Representatives and secret enemies respectively. The Republicans who have secretly not favoured Trump will come to the fore, and boosted by the people, can take action against him.

This interpretation of the Aries Ingress chart 2017, is based on traditional strictures, so the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not used.

However, mundane modern astrology certainly uses these outer planets.

The modern mundane chart would have Neptune in 1st house, Uranus in 2nd house opposite Jupiter, and Pluto in the 11th house. Neptune in first shows how the people are being duped. Pluto in 11th representing the power of the lower house.

Uranus in Aries in 2nd house opposing Jupiter the planet representing the President, indicates that something sudden, out of left field, will happen to the President. Ebertin names Jupiter/Uranus aspect, as “Thank the Lord”, an expression used by people when they are released by tensions and strains they have been suffering.

In Australia Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam was sacked by the Governor-General on 11 Nov 1975. Gough was unpopular in the electorate doing outlandish things. The Ingress chart for 1975, had Uranus in Scorpio exactly opposite Venus the ruler representing the Prime Minister. Although the sacking was unprecedented, the people did think “Thank the Lord”.

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