Aries Ingress 2016 – State of King/Leader Malcolm Turnbull



I have used strictures from Astrologica Munde. A 17th Century study in the Ancient Art of Mundane Astrology edited by Steven Birchfield, to assess the state of the ruler (in Australia’s case the current Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, using the Aries Ingress chart for Canberra, 2016.

  1. Look at condition of all planets

The Sun in the 8th house.

The Sun, always exalted for this ingress, is positive for issues relating to the house, and the 8th house denotes national debt, interest rates, earning power of the nation, so with the Sun in this house for the Ingress these issues will be at the forefront.

In the eighth, he denotes the death of kings and great men, also the deposing of kings, and unthroning of nobles and grandees, and a lessening or diminishing of their power, especially if he is beheld by the Lord of the eighth.”

The Sun is not the Lord of the 8th House for this ingress, but the 8th house is a succedent house, and therefore, the PM’s power will be lessened. (Currently, it also seems that the Leader is viewed as not “doing” much – many are disappointed that he is not changing direction of the previous Abbott Gov….)

Note the ruler of Aries, Mars is in the 5th house which rules the Senate. (Will his power rest on what happens in the Senate?)

Sun is conjunct Mercury in 8th house.

Sharp thinking re money matters, but see Mercury below for further info. (Mercury is under the Suns beams (usb), so impaired.)

Mars in Sagittarius in 5th House trine the Sun in 8th and conjunct the PoF.

 Mars in 5th denotes trouble in 5th house matters, in this case the Senate. (The Senate will disagree with PM (or not pass legislation), as Mars also squares Venus in 8th). As Mars trines the Sun in the 8th (death) current rumours that a double dissolution of the Senate may hold true, as a double dissolution causes the entire Senate to dissolve (Death).  The Mars conjunct PoF, seems that the PM may see that calling for the dissolution of the Senate is his “fate”.

(Note: T Mars in Sag goes R between 18 April and 3 August.)

Jupiter in Virgo in the 2nd, retrograde (R).

Jupiter is square Saturn, and sextile the ASC.

Jupiter in 2nd house denotes that prosperity will be neither up nor down, as Jupiter is R, and in Virgo. An old issue will be revisited (Retro) in the Senate, unfavourably, as Saturn squares Jupiter from the 5th house. Currently, the issue re double dissolution is to pass legislation to re-establish the Howard government-era industrial watchdog the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC, the union fighting construction watchdog!). The issue of prosperity (2nd house) will impel taking action – sextile Asc.

(Jupiter is in Virgo – Virgo traditional ruler of 6th house – which denotes Unions in Mundane.)

Mercury in Pisces in the 8th house, under the suns beams (usb).

 Mercury is in Fall in Pisces conjunct Sun in 8th – opposite North Node, which is conjunct Jupiter R in 2nd.  (Little wonder that the increase to the GST (2nd house) was abandoned.) The PM has difficulties making up his mind regarding taxation issues (2nd/8 house).

Also with Mercury in 8th conjunct the Sun, he will surround himself with younger people. Currently the front bench is dominated by Generation X, but this might change if an election is called, the careers of the younger ones might be cut short. (Mercury in 8th)

Moon in Leo in 1st house

 Moon trine Saturn in 5th house – separating. Moon void of course.

Moon in first house denotes people will be fickle. Trine Saturn in Sag in 5th, the masses very much want to see the problems in the Senate re micro parties being elected rectified. People would support a double dissolution.

Saturn in Sagittarius in the 5th house

 The Senate will be judged (Saturn) by the people (trine moon). See Jupiter above – these issues will play a part.

 Venus in Pisces, exalted in 8th house – Venus has highest dignity in chart, followed by the Sun

 Venus is square Mars in 5th and opposite Jupiter R.  Sextile the MC. Also square Part of Fortune (PoF) in 5th.

 Venus in 8th house, exalted but square Mars, and opposite Jupiter, does not look good for the future prospects of those in the Senate. The mood will be hostile due to this Venus/Mars square.

However, see 5th/8th house planets above. There seems to be a strong push to use the Senate situation to go to the polls and gain political victory (Venus is sextile Midheaven (Mc). With Venus in 8th house and in Pisces, it seems that the Government will use the excuse of being a victim of the Senate to manipulate in their favour.

 Nodes 21 deg Virgo/Pisces

North Node in Virgo is opposite Mercury and conjunct Jupiter R. See Jupiter above.

South Node in Pisces is conjunct Mercury.

  1. Look at state or condition of the King (Sun) and 10th house rulers and planets

First determine the planet to represent the King – Ramsey always uses the Sun but others use ruler of 10th house.

Ruler of 10th house is Venus in Pisces in exaltation  – good condition, but it is square Mars, and Opposite Jupiter? Venus has the highest dignity in chart.

If using Venus to assess the condition of the PM, one can conclude, that the PM will hold his position, however there will be friction (Venus square Mars) and over optimism (Jupiter) will not bring the success desired.

As Ramsey always considers the Sun as the planet to represent the King/PM the following may also apply.

Sun in Aries in 8th house (not strong), but it trines Mars in 5th the ruler of Aries. Sun has 2nd highest dignity in chart.

See aspect interpretation above, the Planet representing the PM, will involve himself with the Senate to get re-elected.


  1. Threat to King – look at significators of the 4th, 7th open enemies, 12th private enemies and 9th secret enemies (12th from 10th).


Ruler of 4th is Mars trines Sun.

Ruler of 7th in Saturn trines Moon

Ruler of 9th is Mars again

Ruler of 12th is Mercury


With the above aspects, threats to the PM look possible.


  1. Assistance to King – 2nd house signifies wealth and assistance of people, as does 11th house, 8th assistance wealth of open enemies.


2nd house ruler is Sun in Aries (Exaltation) which is trine Mars in 5th and conjunct Mercury in 8th although in Fall. He will gain support to dissolve the Senate.

11th house is ruled by Mercury in Fall and opposite Jupiter.  May be a bit over optimistic about issues.

8th house is ruled by Saturn which is trine the Moon. Support from the people/women.

Overall it seems that the assistance given to the Leader will be marginally successful.

  1. Look at the condition of the ruler of the people

The moon in Leo is void of course in the 1st house, and trine Saturn in Sagittarius in 5th .  The people favour the status quo, so Turnbull will be re-elected in the election sometime in the year. They will favour changes to the Senate.

  1. Find the Lord of the year to assess the condition of the people.

According to Ramsey the Lord of the Year is the almuten of the chart which is Jupiter. One is to take the planet in any condition and make assessment. See above for the aspects Jupiter makes. (Jupiter is in Virgo R, square Saturn in 5th, Jupiter also falls within almost 2 deg orb of the eclipse on 9th March 2016.)

Aspects suggest the condition of the people will not be great, belt tightening, employment may decline, etc.

(Jupiter goes direct in May)

Ramsey states to look at the planet which is exalted in the sign of Lord of the Year (Virgo).  There is no planet exalted in Virgo, in fact Mercury the ruler of Virgo, is in fall. So things do not look good for the people.


  1. When it will come to pass.

 “Look when the afflicting planet comes to the perfect conjunction, square or opposition of your significator, and at that time say the evil threatened will come to pass; or when the afflicting planet comes to the cusp of the house signifying any person or persons of whom you would judge”.

Sun and Venus are the significators of PM. But it looks like Mars, the ruler of the Sun, which is trine to the Sun in the chart, might be the trigger.

Dates to watch:

When T Venus conjuncts Sun of Ingress chart – 6 April 2016

When T Venus conjuncts MC of Ingress chart – 6 May 2016

When T Sun opposes Mars of Ingress chart – 14 May 2016


(Note comments by Antony Green):If there is going to be a double dissolution election, the dissolution must take place by 11 May 2016 for an election in the following weeks.


At the time of editing this article 30 March 2016, the budget date has been brought forward, and all the pundits are predicting a double dissolution, with the election to take place on 2nd July.


The above strictures are based on Astrologica Munde. A 17th Century study in the Ancient Art of Mundane Astrology. Edited by Steven Birchfield.(downloadable at